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Hi All,

Have been Freelancing my services online for quite a while now using the main Freelance sites such as ODesk and Elance. I have had great success with ODesk and limited succes with others. Was just looking for suggestions on the best sites to Freelance services through as I am looking to expand the amount of work I am getting. Hoping I may dig up some other ways to Freelance online. I have looked at Freelancer before but was concerned with the payment structure that requires payment of my share prior to the work being paid for.

Any Suggestions would be great.

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    It all depends on what skillset you have, really. I'm a freelance writer and I mainly work for private clients that I source myself rather than using e-lance and odesk because the expectation of a lot of people on those sites is that people will work for a ridiculously low wage.
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    I am based in Australia and do both web design and VA work. I manage to do a lot of work for Aussie's via ODesk for reasonable rates. Understand what you are saying re low rates are an issue but I just avoid those contracts. Interested in the methods you use to source private clients.

    Peter Thompson
    Your home for building on the web

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    Well if you want to sell yourself I could recommend you PPC bing or facebook ad target you can easily find the keyword or the people that are interested in need of a programer for example. You can also make a name for yourself if you are using facebook create a page so people can like and you can store them the same as an email list and remind them if they are in need of you.
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    Do the best task for your buyer and submit works as soon as possible.
    Do contact with them friendly and try to help them,
    Do better communications.
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    Buddy I suggest you brand yourself and have your own service company. 2 benefits here you can make lots of money on site and flip the site on flippa while still asking the buyer to outsource the service from you. You can grow big with this. I have seen many do this so I suggest for you.

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    Hi Peter,

    I am also in Melbourne. I have joined several Facebook local business groups and am developing a network of people there and am getting some writing work form that. Perhaps you could do the same. Let me know and I would be happy to give you the url links to those groups.

    As Richard said, you're better off working for private clients if you can get them but you need to build your business step by step. Good luck.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    You can expand your business here on WF and other IM / Make money related foums. Besides,you can get work from elance ,guru, outsource etc. But in my view Forums are best options to get more work as a freelancer.
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    This very forum is a great place to start with. There are hundreds of services successfully selling at the warrior for hire section. Take a look at them and model your service accordingly (offer something more than them to get an edge on the market).

    Have you thought about contacting clients directly. Most of the marketplaces are riddled with middlemen/women. I'm not sure what your services are exactly, but you might want to think about that. You can get more money out of direct clients.
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    I think the to have success you need to have a good portfolio and already have an established record.
    I think the reason you don't have much success on other freelance sites is because you don't have a established record over there.
    It's not as easy in the beginning with any site.
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    this might sound backwards, but sign up to fiverr and offer some service! you only have to charge $5 until you level up and then you can charge up to 1,000$ for each order.. If you can create gigs that don't require much effort on fiverr, you can earn A LOT each month, trust me, I know!
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    I don't know if, for professional web design jobs, Fiverr is the best place to recommend to someone who has already had success on sites like Odesk. Everyone on Fiverr will expect you to work a lot, but for small amounts of money.
    If you're doing well on Odesk, then just try to vary your services. Maybe try getting some clients "out" of there, set up your own online portfolio and try to advertise your services through it.
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    Fiverr is a great resource. Sadly, there are people who expect a lot of work and you make far less than the minimum wage. Wall mart or sears pays more... Sadly, it is now very hard to get gigs. That was not my case years ago. BTW, they have a twenty day hold and only $3.92 is deposited in my pay pal account for one gig.
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