Punch Life In the Face..

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here's this thing going around these days where people are saying….

-Everything's going to be just FINE…

-Life will work itself OUT…

-All the cords will unravel through TIME …

-It's all going to be OK…

-Give it ten years then I'll be Successful…

Well in response I say this:

That's the attitude that's gonna get you punched in the face….. …by LIFE!
These sayings are nothing but excuses for you to stay comfortable in your cozy little hiding spot. You follow these sayings for 2 reasons:

1 -They have been pounded into your head since day 1

2 - They are comforting

Here's my advice to you

Let life punch you in the face Fast and Hard. Don't dodge the jab or stay out of the ring. Take it and love it. Then turn around and with all your might Punch Life right square between the eyes.

Failure is hardly the problem, it's the avoidance that is the issue at hand

Don't be afraid of failure, accept it, embrace it, and then succeed!

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    Whilst I agree with the sentiment of getting out of your comfort zone, I don't think I need to be punched in the face by anything, let alone life. I prefer to stretch myself, expand my horizons, increase my wealth and generally be a whole lot happier without any punching going on!

    I know what you mean though Shane

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      Hey Peter,

      I may have articulated this poorly, but I wasn't implying to actively search for failure. What I meant was to understand that failure is a stepping stone for progress and to embrace it when it is encountered. When you experience failure in life (which is inevitable) There are two options you can take.

      1.embrace it and realize you are one step closer to success.


      2. get pissed off and eventually quit.

      In IM failure is encountered constantly. The people who have a healthy understanding of what failure is, last. I'll I'm trying to say is to be active, embrace your failures and move on but don't be too afraid of failing.

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        I'm in agreement with you Shane. I just wasn't keen on the violent metaphor.

        Keep learning! (I know I am)

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    What was that quote...

    "It's not how hard you hit, its how hard you can GET HIT and keep moving forward" - Rocky
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