Tips on marketing adult website like this?

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Hey everyone,

I've just recently created a website which pulls from a library of top rated gifs.
It then populates the list of 200-300 videos/gifs and plays them on a randomizer.

The site is specifically targeted to mobile users but is fully responsive.

Upon launching it, a little less than a month ago it received approximately 200,000 views on the first day. It has received great reviews and got top rated post in various subreddits, with over 2000 upvotes per post.

Since the first launch it has decreased but I have analytics tracking all of the data.

What I need help with is what are my best approaches for advertising or gaining revenue from a site like this.

It doesn't have very many features and is technically just one page.

Pop unders? leaderboards? I have no clue about marketing in the adult industry and was not predicting this amount of success so early.
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    With sites like these try social media and Paid ads... That is your best bet...
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      Originally Posted by AidenTingley View Post

      With sites like these try social media and Paid ads... That is your best bet...
      You mean social media to market?

      Paid ads as in fixed rate? Or CPM, popunders etc..?
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        Hi there dhobbs12,

        We totally understand how you feel. The adult world can be a bit overwhelming, specially when you were not expecting it to take off so quickly. I must say I agree with Aiden and his comment about how you should try using some online marketing. However, if you look around you will see that one of the highest rated will be PlugRush as it not only lets you buy traffic, but you can publish or EXCHANGE! We recently signed up with them and have been absolutely impressed with the quality of traffic and love the fact that they are on time with their payments. We also recommend using sites such as and Smutty to promote and help build a better reputation.

        Hope we were able to help a Bro out! Good luck and let us know how it goes!

        Kind Regards,

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    If its just one page then it might just have higher bounce rate.
    but let us check your site. I have an offer for such sites and we give premium rates. I represent and you can contact me via skype. My id is Trafficbroker Ann
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