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Can anyone recomend me a good degree program on internet marketing??
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    I don't think there is a designated degree to "make money online"

    Best bet is to look over this forum for help and learn everything
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  • Originally Posted by ayesh244 View Post

    Can anyone recomend me a good degree program on internet marketing??
    It's call the school of hard knocks.


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      There are some schools that offer a business degree with an emphasis on marketing . . . but I have never seen a degree specific to Internet marketing unless you count some of the online "degrees" that are advertised by online "universities" (which, I think, is different than what you are talking about).

      I really question the approach of going after a typical four year college degree if you want to become an Internet marketer.

      The best training and education there is in this career is "on the job training." Get in the trenches, get your hands dirty, and learn as you go.


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    I believe San Fransisco and Full Sail have degrees, but both are expensive. I personally just invest in good WSOs and other online courses, and wouldn't invest in a 2 or 4 year degree. But that is from an IM entrepreneur point of view. If I was back in college debating a bachelor's degree, I might seriously consider it.
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    There is no direct degree program for internet marketing.

    The closest thing you could possibly get that has any educational value to it and can be applied to internet marketing (short of getting a degree in business) is to study hospitality management (hotels, etc.) and/or culinary arts for starting a restaurant.

    There are also other things you need to know, such as copy-write, cost-control methods and how to build webpages, etc.

    You'll also need to learn how to legally start a business without breaking the law, because if you make money the wrong way (or you are sloppy about it) you can get accused of some serious crimes (usually fraud of some sort) and go to jail. Yes, you do need to be concerned about that. This could be trademark and copy-right laws, tax laws, identity collection laws, solicitation laws and etc.

    You don't have to learn internet marketing through the school of hard-knocks, but you do need to have knowledge of the things I mentioned above. And that's before you learn to drive traffic to your sales materials. That's the easy part.

    People who think internet marketing is all about only "driving traffic" to someone else's offer for a commission are probably already wealthy in other ways (and pay people who have knowledge to do things for them) or are just repeating what they have heard from those same people.
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    Originally Posted by ayesh244 View Post

    Can anyone recomend me a good degree program on internet marketing??
    There is no university that is going to be able to offer you much education about the fast-moving world of internet marketing. The world of higher education simply moves too slow to adapt to new ideas that are appearing online every day. I would know, because I graduated just a few years ago from a top business school. The closest thing they had to internet marketing was one class that taught how to advertise with Google Adwords and similar CPC systems.

    If you want a real education on internet marketing, then you should learn it from entrepreneurs who are already successful at internet marketing.

    A great beginner course is "How to build a profitable business from scratch" by Eben Pagan. It's not 100% focused on internet marketing but is a great overview of what you should know before starting any kind of business, including an online business.
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      There's no such thing as a pure IM Degree. Having said that, if you start any aspect of IM and are making money then you don't need no degree - you scale up accordingly, and it's as simple as that. Alternatively, pay someone who's done it before to teach you.

      However, if you've been looking at IM for a while, are not making bugger all despite all your efforts at different aspects of it, then no amount of studying - or a degree - is going to help you. You're simply not cut out for it!

      IM is NOT a one-fit for all, despite the multitude of bullshit promises from those who (the vast majority of) are not making it themselves . . . but will happily add you to a long line of fools who buy cheap, worthless products from them.
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    Originally Posted by ayesh244 View Post

    Can anyone recomend me a good degree program on internet marketing??
    Hello Ayesh244,

    I've come across the Internet Marketing Academy.

    They seem to be a professional accredited organisation. I however, don't know if what they offer is equivalent to a university degree.

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      Originally Posted by ACandi View Post

      Hello Ayesh244,

      I've come across the Internet Marketing Academy.

      They seem to be a professional accredited organisation. I however, don't know if what they offer is equivalent to a university degree.

      That looks more like certificate level at best.
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    What about Clickbank University


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    A great 'course' that I know of, which would probably be your best bet, would be https://thefoundation.com/

    They run you through removing limited beliefs, idea extraction, outsourcing, lead pages, all the basics you need to know to start a online business.
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    I saw it online from a school called Full Sail.
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    An online marketing degree will do nothing for your business, you actually have a better chance to succeed within the warrior forum. Networking is the key to success. I would recommend you join Facebook groups and if you can make it, go to live events.
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    I saw a bachelors in Internet marketing being advertised but I don't remember the school. It seems to me it was one I recognized.

    There is a fault in that design. Who will be the instructors? Will they just be teaching Internet marketing theory?

    Unless you have successful, veteran marketers to teach it, what good would it be, really?
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    ayesh244, internet marketing is a fast changing industry. Even, if such degree exists, a lot of information will be outdated when you will graduate.
    In my opinion it's better to look at IM as interdisciplinary field, that combine some fundamental knowledge from psychology, computer science, classical marketing and knowledge about different tools (PPC, SEO, etc.). Everything from above mentioned you can learn by yourself from IM blogs, books and forums.
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    I've seen a lot of Universities and Colleges offering internet marketing courses. However there is no need for this. Just go out there and test the methods yourself and you'll see if the method works or not.

    You can't become a professional surfer if you read books about it and watch tutorials. You need to go out and learn to do it yourself.

    So save the money that you were about to spend on internet marketing school and spend it on different methods like Facebook Ads, CPA, Teespring, Affiliate sites etc.

    Good luck.
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