What kind of freelance job on Fiverr

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I can work without any experience or skills. Full time college student here looking to earn some cash.
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    You haven't been viewing some of those push 3 buttons and be a millionaire websites, have you?
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    No I haven't.
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    Get on eBay, learn how to dropship. Or if you insist on working on fiverr you can writereviews for people or write articles.
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      Originally Posted by AaronBurton View Post

      Get on eBay, learn how to dropship. Or if you insist on working on fiverr you can writereviews for people or write articles.
      I agree with you bro. There are lots of opportunities on the internet. Just don't be lazy to search. Birds find their food on the ground not the food find the birds ready to be eaten.
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    Is there a such things as doing some excel work for somebody on Fiverr?

    I used to work as a bookkeeper.
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      Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

      Is there a such things as doing some excel work for somebody on Fiverr?

      I used to work as a bookkeeper.
      Yeah! offer whatever you can do on fiverr! what started out as a little experiment for me on fiverr turned into something much bigger and more profitable, no reason why it can't happen to you too!
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    You can do anything you want on Fiverr. I have seen some pretty "weird" gigs over there, so I guess anything goes!
    Do you have any talents? Can you write or can you create a logo or anything? (really... anything goes..)
    Set up a few gigs on Fiverr and promote them (anywhere you can), and maybe start being active on their forum so people will "see" you exist. That's one way to go
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    If you're intent on Fiverr, then you can easily make a little extra cash.

    Look into:

    1. Gig reselling.
    2. Automated Gigs.
    3. Fast, In-Demand Gigs.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    I'm sure you know how to write. If you do, offer content writing services. If you have no skills whatsoever in anything like logo design, graphic design, SEO etc, simply outsource the work for a cheaper price. I usually offer Fiverr gigs where I buy for $1 on other sites and resell it on Fiverr for $4. $3 profit per gig for pushing a button is pretty decent and when the orders come rolling in, that's where the real money comes in.
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    What are your best talents? Do what you love and know most, you can never go wrong with that and Fiverr allows you to create almost any type of gigs.

    Don't try to sell or promote something you know absolutely nothing about because if you fail you will get discouraged and when you get discouraged you lose confidence then you decide give up (It's happened to me before).

    As a college student I think your niche should be attractive to your fellow students.
    For Example; You asked about excel on Fiverr, spread the word around your school that you can handle any excel projects for others with a small fee. If the job is done right they will come back when they need you again. Create a gig on Fiverr and begin sending fellow students to your profile. It's really simple once you already know what you're doing.

    Hope this helped. Good Luck
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    Also, if you really want to maximise your earnings on Fiverr, just create more accounts via proxies and add gigs on there too. One account doesn't usually get me much money but when I have 7 accounts and 140 gigs available, I can easily make $100 a day. Just make sure you use a proxy and don't forget to connect the new emails with the PayPal account so you can withdraw your earnings.
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    Fiverr is for gigs that take a couple of minutes imo. Anything that takes more than a few minutes need to be things you can automate or something you can do once and sell a thousand times; otherwise the money you make it isn't worth the time you spend on it. I use Fiverr but the only gigs I sell are articles that I've written and sell them with PLR rights and short training videos. If I'm going to do something that takes longer than a few minutes and you can't automate I will only offer them as extras that cost more money.
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    Well, fiverr is one of the best online money making websites by which you can earn huge money in a limited time factor, It is the place where anybody can update their creativity and status regarding their task in which field he is an expert. Suppose, if anyone is expert in blog posting or website design, then he can update his task related quality in fiverr and can make money through this.
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    Make video clips with your phone and sell in fiverr. So customer will write for example 100 words and you will make a video for him.
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    The key to fiverr is to find something that doesn't take up a huge amount of your time, something that is basically automated!

    I've had great success with semi automated gigs where i would run a photoshop or video script with a buyers logo for example, if you put your mind to these kind of automated tasks you could even get VA's or other fiverr users to do the tasks for you!
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    You should take a time to really find out what kind of skills you got online, that you can charge for.

    One cool job you can do is Video Editing. There are some tutorials on this online - just look for them.

    You can definitely get good at editing short videos for others. Then learn how to drive a lot of traffic to your gigs!

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    Keep up the great work!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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