Looking for the best technic for making a video on Youtube

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Please, give me suggestions for good technic - photo, camera, ets, for making a nice looking video suitable for Youtube. Someone says that photo is better than camera. What do you think? Thanks!
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    Depends on what you're going for and:

    What topic the video is on?
    What message are you trying to get across?
    What target audience will be watching your video?

    In terms of making videos, there are different approaches you can take...

    You can simply record yourself in front of the camera...You can capture your screen and do tutorial videos...You can make a presentation with slides...And many other approaches.

    But again it depends on what your objective is
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  • You can see something I did here - https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=666081123500292

    I unfortunately had to use the camera audio as my recording through my external mic didn't work

    But to give you an idea on the budget needed i used the following

    Canon 6d - £1000
    Canon 24-70 f2.8 Mk II - £1400
    Tripod - £40
    Studio Lighting Setup - £70
    Boom Mic - £140
    Boom Pole - £60
    Recorder & Cable - £150

    Now I already had the camera, lens and recorder, and you can get away with using something a lot cheaper. But if you are looking for professional quality in both audio and video it's going to be expensive.

    I want to make professional quality videos, because that's how I want to come across. Im going to use the equipment to do whiteboard presentations and stuff (like Moz Whiteboard Friday)

    I'd probably say audio is more important than video. Something recorded on an iPhone will usually suffice in terms of video quality for youtube but the audio through an iphone will sound horrible.
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    Audio for a canon camera is an easy fix, including the 6D
    Plugin an external mike to the camera that you can attach to your lapel.
    If you provide outside power to the mike you have more choices of mikes.

    Article Details
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    Get your cell phone and put a green screen if you want a professional video and then you could edit it on the video editors I do it on Corel video studio
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    Many options

    Mobile phones re really convenient (make sure that they are steady and the lighting is good where you are stood)

    DSLR video cameras are amazing - cost more but the image they produce for say $300 to $500 makes your video and more importantly you look very professional

    It all depends on what you end user or users are.

    For me its DSLR all the way but - You decide

    hope that helps


    Mark B
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    Cell phones these days make pretty high quality recordings, but the real magic happens in the lighting, audio and editing... If you are not familiar with all these points, I would just keep it simple and try a site like animoto or outsource on fiverr.
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    Sometime back I bought Allcapture and I use it with PowerPoint. I find I can deliver structure to my video and the careful structure of the slide process give me detail of the script as I go. It is off the cuff voice delivery based on the slide content. I love doing it this way as students can pause the presentation and examine slides as they go.

    Hope this helps
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    There's tons of different ways to make videos for Youtube, including:

    Video camera
    use of stock video/images
    After Effects
    Screen Capture
    ...and more.

    Just asking "what's best" is way too general. There's an endless variety of ways, plus they can be used in combinations.

    This question is like asking what's the best tool for creating art? A painting? A sculpture? Stained glass? Computer graphics? Just like creating art, there's different ways to make videos and each will use different tools.

    I will say that I have over a dozen video editors and the one I use the most is PowerPoint. However, it isn't best for all videos.
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  • use an ipod and your good to go
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      use an ipod and your good to go
      As you start of quality isn't the most important.

      Be sure to add value, and people will watch your videos.

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    Use iPhone or GoPro or BlackMagicDesign to record your video.
    Use Sony mp3 digital audio recorder for the audio.
    Use Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe After Effect to edit the video.
    You can also use video editor that comes or is recommended by those camera providers.

    Good luck.

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    You haven't mention what kind of videos you are going to make? It depends on the type of video. If you are going to make a tutorial of Photoshop, then you must use camera. On the other hand if you are making a tutorial of Tense, then you can use still photo.
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    You have to be more specific about the type of video your making.

    There are going to be different styles and visual markers depending on your market, whether your video is informational or commercial, and the message you are trying to get across.

    More details need to be specified however.
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  • Check out the following software:

    1) EasySketchPro
    Make amazing sketch videos in minutes

    2) VideoMakerFX & Explainio
    Making great, professional videos

    3) Powtoon
    Amazing aminated videos (Can be free)

    These are amazing for engagement and for YT

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    Good question. Depends on what you're filming. I've made a number of videos over the years on YouTube with friends that are aimed at looking professional, yet we haven't had to spend a huge amount. We've gotten away with using:

    - An iPhone
    - An iMac
    - A cheap $50 tie-clip microphone attached to another phone with a voice record app in our pocket.

    Depending on what you want to film, a modern smartphone can produce good results. We use iPhone 6's as their recording works well with video stabilisation, which many other phones have too. A proper camera would be better but it will cost a fair bit.

    On our Mac we used to use iMovie (free) which was great, and now use Final Cut Pro. They end up looking great. There are a number of free apps on Windows too which will do the job.
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    It depends on your niche, but my favorite way to make a video is just to record whatever I'm doing on my screen, and talk over it. You can use Camtasia Studio, or CamStudio for this, and any mic for you to talk.

    This works especially well in how-to niches where you can walk people through a method or technique and explain to them exactly how to do it.
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