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How do you set up a sales funnel that links everything together?

From your squeeze page to your sales page (OTO) to your download page, or even to your 2nd OTO?

How do you get this set up so it is automatic? Is it set up in WordPress or your Auto-responder?

I can make pages in WordPress but how do you get it where it is processed from an opt-in and next brought to your OTO and then to a download page or anywhere else it may need to go if the sales funnel is set up differently in its order?

Are there any tutorials on how to set up this up on delivering a sales funnel to new subscribers?
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    Well, there are a lot of different ways to do it. When you setup your optin form in your autoresponder you can choose a thank you page. This would be your first OTO. Then you would have your OTO offer setup through a payment system such as warriorplus where you would configure the customer being sent to the second OTO or OTO 1's download page. To send people to your free gift for opting in you would have your first followup email in your autoresponder link to the download page.

    This is one of many ways to do it anyhow.
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      What are some of the payment systems available? How exactly does a payment system work? Do they all work the same? What are the steps?
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    This assumes you have a website, Autoresponder, and freebie hosted so you can link to it.

    What you will need:

    #1 A squeeze page
    #2 A OTO (one time offer) page
    #3 A freebie thank/download page
    #4 A "register your purchase" page for one time offer buyers
    #5 A paid product thank/download page

    Set up two lists in your AR. A subscribers list and a OTO buyers list. You will need to learn your ARs automation process to automatically unsub people who register their purchase and join your buyers list.

    For settings for your subscribers (squeeze page) form select "custom thank you page" enter the URL of your OTO. I always use single opt so subscribers are instantly sent to my OTO. I also put on my squeeze page "...will be sent instantly to your inbox." This way when people land on my OTO they won't wonder where their freebie is.

    If people decline your OTO they leave, and access their freebie via the link to your freebie thank/download page that you sent to their email via your first followup message. More complex funnels have more to offer.

    If they buy your OTO they are redirected by your payment processor to your "register" page. Enter it's URL when you setup your buy button.

    When people register they are automatically moved to your buyers list and redirected to your thank/download page. Enter it's URL for your buyers form custom thank you page.

    Start with a simple funnel and build it out as you learn.
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    Originally Posted by intmark5 View Post

    How do you set up a sales funnel that links everything together?
    For products I use JVZoo where they have a neat little funnel feature for setting it up.

    Front end product (which could be a squeeze page for you if using a basic funnel elsewhere)...

    Then goes to OTOs and the person gets added on the list.

    Regardless, there's quite a few ways to do it
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    I use Optimize Press 2 which provides a theme that helps with pre-designed squeeze, sales, thank you and blog pages so that you can literally setup a complete sales funnel on WP with autoresponder inside of an hour. Payment processing can be Clickbank, E-Junkie, JVZoo, 2CO, etc... you have many options there.

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    Dozens of scripts / wp themes can do this for you.

    The best advice is to ask someone who has a site you've joined and enjoyed how they did it.

    Perhaps once we know your budget it's easier to make recommendations, and remember that graphics and looks count for a lot.
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    I tried doing this myself for a long time. I am having more luck since I finally outsourced and gave somebody else the reins. Now I simply promote the link that leads to the sales funnel that was set up.

    Things are going much better now. I am going to recommend that you find somebody you are comfortable with and let them do the whole thing. You can probably find somebody in this forum that is willing to do that.

    If you could not figure it out in a few days and be successful with it, it's time to outsource. I should have done this myself long ago.

    Just my two cents. Maybe it helps.

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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