Who here still uses Google trends successfully?

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I remember when I first got started on the internet the first money I made was with Google trends. I followed a product I got from this forum and made a few bucks in a few hours from adsense. These days I've seen that this is really tough. Google trends don't seem to work as good as they used to. What I've started doing is using things in the new to see if they would work. For instance, as soon as I heard about the deflated balls issue with the Patriots I knew there was going to be a "gate" attached. So I knew if I could pounce on it I could get some good traffic.

I managed to get some good traffic, but didn't make any money because Google has made this tougher to do. My question is does anyone still use Google trends or any other kind of current event with adsense to make money? If so could you provide some examples of how you do this?
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    I have to be careful how much I say on this subject, but:

    1. I follow trends;
    2. I take action, but not with Adsense, Adwords, or similar.

    I spend a great deal of time working on viral marketing. When looking at trends in this context, you're trying to guess what could go viral. The idea is obviously to jump on the bandwagon while it's still going slow enough for you to catch up and hop on.


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    I am a student and use Google trends for my research projects. I feel it is Google's way of giving back to the society
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