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Any idea how I can use it? Technically, I guess they could kinda be considered as opt-in, as they had to accept my invitation (as well as me accepting theirs) to be a contact.
I have 1300 contact email addresses. Mostly professionals in either the flooring or interior design business.
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    Originally Posted by PhilCarson View Post

    Technically, I guess they could kinda be considered as opt-in, as they had to accept my invitation (as well as me accepting theirs).
    That "consideration" might just about cover you for sending them individual emails, perhaps, but definitely not for a bulk/automated mailing. That would be breaking laws, and regulations, and terms of service, and could potentially have some appalling consequences for you, Phil. Don't even think about it!
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    I have around 14 000 contacts
    Inside linkedin
    Often a contact will send a mass email (inside the linkedin system) it allows you to send to 50 people so all of our emails are interlinked amazing the number who reply get me off your spam list (the whole 50 contacts see this)
    Personally I often drop this contact
    So if you really want to piss the people of who could help you send out mass emails inside linkedin.
    Outside linkedin
    If you want to break the canspam act then contact those people outside linkedin
    If you are using an autoresponder like aweber then be repaired to be shut down. (they had to opt in)

    I am sorry if my answer is not the one you seek but it is the right one from a major linkedin user.
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    No, these are the honest answers that I want. I thought I'd ask the pros here before I tried anything.
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    Phil contact them individually it might take you some time but they sound like high value contacts.
    Maybe your contacts don't have thousands in their downline so they dont get inundated with emails.

    I always found the more effort I put into developing the relationship the more rewards I got.
    I just built a diamond website with social media channels for a website (it took me 2 years) when I spoke to them about how we met they said we liked the way you conversed with us individually.

    Some will say use this robot that robot but these are the people selling robots
    Look at their profiles on linkedin to get an idea of how automation works.

    When I contact many people I do it individually using a cut and paste script (I use typeitin)
    Thanks for not taking my response as abrupt (I was logged into linkedin clearing out the emails with headers like you have got to see this)
    Andrew (I link therefore I am)
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    Not abrupt at all! Thanks for the tip about typeitin - installing it now.
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    Phil people respond better when they see their name (see how that just worked on you?)
    So I try and work out my title and then my post content
    I then put these 2 in typeit in
    then all I need to is copy their name in or do a find and replace *

    I open 20 windows
    Wham 1300 personalized emails (you only have to do it once)
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    They could be your contacts (connections on Linkedin) and make you look a heavyweight. You could get into business relationships through proper networking, but don't think of email spamming them.
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    Yeah - interesting question. I have been wondering about this and investigating because I get a LOT of emails to my inbox from people I must have connected with on LinkedIn.

    Have also read a lot of people building a list this way.

    I checked:
    Aweber says no can do
    Mailchimp specifically says "no can do"
    Hall & Oates also say "no can do"
    Ignoring that...
    But if you ignore that, here's a Guide "How-to Export Linkedin Contacts to Mailchimp":

    Alternatively this Zap

    Will automatically ask every connection if they want to opt-in to your list.

    Personally I'm torn, thinking about testing smaller samples of 100-300 at a time
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    You can export them, and then import them into a self hosted autoresponder. I've done that myself and it is an easy way to keep in contact with your LinkedIn connections. I would only recommend adding value however, not selling to them.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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