how to use proxy for bot software like pin blaster

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I really do not understand how to configure/set up list of proxies
to run automated software such as pin blaster.

I do not mean FREE PROXIES, i want to purchase
and understand how to do it right.
I already have account on hide-my-ass, yet i dont understand
any of this proxy thing. and no vids i found talking about this matter for this specific goal

pls guide me, explain as much as you can
#blaster #bot #pin #proxy #software
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    You're on the wrong forum for this, galalieb. Folks here are white hat (or at least pretend to be). If you want my advice: forget this plan. Tell you why. Two reasons:

    1. To BH well, you need to know what you're doing.
    2. Pinterest, or any other network, will always be fighting you.

    Point 2 is the big reason. You might spend 2 months working your hard only to find that work deleted. And why? BH. The better approach is to work within the TOS of networks. That way you know that all of your hard work is unlikely to be taken away from you.

    There are no short cuts in IM.


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