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How do you eat an elephant?

One small bite at a time.

Alright so if you're not getting any momentum with your IM business and are having a hard time makingh any head way I'm going to make an outlandish recommendation.

You might even find it repulsive.

If you spend more time on your computer doing stuff that's not making you money, spending more time getting ready to do something, reading through your endless amounts of promotional emails promising you the next easy way to make a zillion dollars, optin in to webinar after webinar, sorting through the latest $5 WSO that's going to make you rich with a secret ninja assassin technique no one's ever tried before...then this is for you.

I propose that if you're doing more "learning," if you're spinning articles or SEO related crap, then you don't have a real business.

You're a wantrepreneur.

If you're not selling (much) then you've got to change that, immediately.

If you're not risking, you're not doing stuff worth doing.

I can just about promise you that you ALREADY know enough just by being on these here threads than you need to know to get money coming in.

If you don't have at least $250 a month to spend doing the ONLY 3 things that matters, which is:

1. Building your list
2. Making offers to your list
3. Adding value

You're not in a business.

You're an internet marketing hobbyist.

Don't have $250 a month to spend each month?

Get a job...preferably one that pays you more than minimum wage.

Here's at least one way I can think of that you can get a job that will guarantee to pay you at least $2500, which will allow you to spend 10% of that (or $250 dollars, lol) on your business while affording you extra money to do other stuff...

Here's the step by step:

Step 1: Go to craigslist
Step 2: Click on jobs
Step 3: Search the word guarantee
Step 4: check "titles only"
Step 5: Start applying

Those are all jobs that offer probationary guarantees...notice most of them are in sales positions.

I recommend going for the inside sales ones.

What I've just given you are 2 paths to success.

You can either excel and climb up the corporate monkey ladder (not my first choice...but its still a choice) if that's what you want to do, or you can PARLAY that income into funding your REAL business endeavors.

Use that money to build your destiny.

By the way, this isn't the only way to skin this cat.

It's just one way.

If you're stuck, I hope this helps you.

What do you think, did you find this helpful or not?


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  • Profile picture of the author Virtualghost
    Maybe works for you there but not here in the Real World.Jobs are paying $11.00hr part-time 0-15 hrs a week.And those on Craigslist are a lot of scams affiliate links get rich quick schemes.
    I think most people here know how to search Job Boards.
    Did I find this helpful,or not?

    Sorry,I am talking from where I came from started working 18 yrs old worked 35 years climbed ladder retired at 55.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Addams
    Interesting post.

    I could comment on a few things, but I'll just say this: If you're not building a list, this does not make you a hobbyist. Lists are not the B all and End all.

    I'm also wondering where newbiews can fund their IM business for free. I'm no newbie (having been at this for 20 years). If they have to work, then the income isn't free. Granted, I did skim, so maybe I missed the free portion.

    I'll give you an almost free means of getting into IM.

    1. Domain.
    2. Hosting.
    3. Sub-Niche Affiliate Blog.
    4. Apply to an affiliate network with "free offers."
    5. Monetize using Pretty Links plugin.
    6. Grow a presence on the major social networks.
    7. Profit.

    I regularly earn hundreds of USD a day from brand new affiliate sites using only the above.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    @Virtualghost - What part of Canada are you in. Give me a township you're near and let me see if I can change your mind.

    @Get Rich Methods - Glad you found it at least interesting.

    Glad you're also making some money at this.

    I don't think anything is end all be all, however, if you're working on building a list, and building your audience, you're literally building your business equity.

    Tim Ferriss just started building his list recently (as he confessed on his freakin' awesome podcast, which you should also check out).

    List building is often overlooked, underutilized and the first place most are deficient at.

    I'd guess the folks with lists have less problems in IM than the folks without.

    Is that a fair assertion?
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    • Profile picture of the author positivenegative
      Originally Posted by focusedlife View Post

      I'd guess the folks with lists have less problems in IM than the folks without.

      Is that a fair assertion?

      It's a rubbish assertion, and smacks of someone who's been brainwashed from years of exposure to a multitude of IM self-styled guru's - most of them selling the same regurgitated shit, and all telling you "The Money Is In The List", so you can go rip off the next line of suckers.

      Take it from me there are millions of people utilising tens of thousands of different ways to make good money online, right now, and without the problems you quote and without a list.
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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    Oh, and free, as I intended meant free of monetary cost. Of course, nothing is ever truly "Free."

    You're either paying with money or time.

    Any other way you probably ripped someone off.
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  • Profile picture of the author Virtualghost
    I must apologize after reading your post again a little brain freeze today as we got hit with storm today and spent most of the morning clearing the snow I realized you are trying to promote something.Thought you were trying to tell others how easily it was to get a Job climb the ladder etc.
    As with economy today in my area Niagara Falls Ontario where industry is next to nil and the young kids today are holding 2 and 3 part-time jobs in Retail or Tourism as I previously mention which pay mostly $11.00 an hour pre tax.
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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    What is the minimum wage in Niagra?

    3 part time Jobs is commendable, especially if it's being leveraged to help them realize their dreams.
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  • Profile picture of the author Virtualghost
    As posted above.$11.00 an Hour pre tax and yes they should be commended but these are usually 15 hours a week jobs.I would also call it part of survival as well.Too bad but like I mention they drove out all the Industry because of the high Electrical costs which they used to run their plants.Now they are overgrown fields or Retail stores.
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    • Profile picture of the author KloudStrife
      Originally Posted by Virtualghost View Post

      As posted above.$11.00 an Hour pre tax and yes they should be commended but these are usually 15 hours a week jobs.I would also call it part of survival as well.Too bad but like I mention they drove out all the Industry because of the high Electrical costs which they used to run their plants.Now they are overgrown fields or Retail stores.
      I agree with virtual ghost, as I'm from Hamilton, Ontario and it's simply unrealistic to pay off debts on 11.00, which is what a majority of small and big companies are paying

      The advise OP has given seems flismy and untrustworthy
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  • Profile picture of the author JPaston
    Right down to 'You're an internet marketing hobbyist' I was completely with you.

    There are too many WF members who dream of making it big but don't do anything about it. Then they complain that IM 'doesn't work'!

    It does work as most of us active members can attest. Wannabee marketers just have to actually DO something.

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to start IMO. It can be done in your spare time. As the OP says, building your list and providing valuable information to your subscribers is the way to go.

    If you're reading this and you're not doing that - get started today!
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  • Profile picture of the author davidbowie
    Wow! Where do I begin? The tittle of the thread is misleading for starters. So did you start this thread to have people click on you sig link? I`m not sure what you`re getting at here. I for one am also retired and my income is way more than most people make working.

    I have been on and off this forum since 2006 and one thing I noticed is that the marketers that had success was also was a success in the real world.

    One this I`ll agree with is if a person is just buying and reading all these wso`s about making money and not putting it to good use, then shame on him/her.

    Get Rich Methods, I commend you on your efforts and glad you are enjoying freedom. You gave solid feedback which can be helpful to all.

    I for one make money online but I spend maybe 15, 20 minutes a day since I have three girlfriends. Oh, did I mention I was lazy?
    I`m just here for the food!
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  • Profile picture of the author NeedBucksNow
    Good post. I would think that you would be better off making YouTube videos myself. I've been making about one a day & currently just reached 50. The main thing is being consistent & I plan on making over 1000 eventually. I can't tell you the last time I used Craigslist but I guess some people still get on there.


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  • Profile picture of the author art72
    Definitely feel the titles misleading, I was expecting a post about 'bum marketing' techniques or something along those lines.

    However, I personally agree building a list is important as the simple translation is; potential buyers.

    But, when I first started learning IMing there were some heavy objects littering the path ( and I don't mean shiny ones promising overnight riches)... They were things like learning to set DNS, hosting, FTP client, writing HTML links, setting up a WP site, etc... (Which was a massive undertaking to learn)

    I often forget how much I've learned over the years, but what many people fail to realize here is there truly is something for everyone... And none of it is free!

    Some people think $11 per hour is a lot... Others (like myself) wouldn't be content making $25 per hour.

    Case in point, those who are new to building income online, you need to set realistic expectations. Yes, if you build a solid sales funnel and sell an evergreen can automate 80% of your income... But nobody is going to hand you a million dollar bank account, and building residual/recurring income online requires you to work hard you can enjoy the fruit of your labors in a few years...not decades.

    However, I could write out a list of people here who (if you read what they are saying) are giving you EVERYTHING you need to build a 7 figure business... for free right on this forum and in the War Room! (If you are willing to do the work!!!)

    The real problem is; most people are lazy. Not lazy in the sense they won't get up at 4 or 5 am to work like a dog 60-80 hours a week (like I did) for years offline... But lazy in the sense they sit in front of a computer and 'think' it's a wishing well and if they through in enough pennies it'll one day spit out gold coins.

    It really doesn't matter if you're selling drugs, weapons, services, sexual pleasures, whatever the hell it is... The principles of business remain the requires effort, persistence, discipline, knowledge, and experience. Sure money helps, but that comes in time with the aforementioned costs of labor, as does confidence, credibilty, and the reward of your compounded efforts...just like performing your job offline did.

    As for me, I live in Florida... Minimum wage is like $8 and hour!

    Trade skilled (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc...) are lucky if they start a job here and make $12- $15 per hour!

    So my question is simple...

    If you would dedicate to a sh!tty paying job for months, years, or even decades... Why wouldn't you set a realistic online goal that in 1-5 years could retire you from a life of hell working your @ss off - offline making someone else rich.

    For the record, no insult implied for those who do work hard offline...I did for some 30 years.

    My point is be prepared to do some 'brain work'- cause in my opinion the most valued asset anyone can have is time, use it wisely and the money will follow.

    $15 per hour x 40 hours a week (slaving away) x 50 weeks = $30,000 a year x 5 years = $150k (before taxes, commute, fuel, work related needs, living expenses, kids, pets, alcohol, weed, cigarettes, dating or whatever it is you live for,etc...)

    Why Not Set a Definite & Attainable Goal (see example below) & Do Not Relent...

    Devote 20 hours per week (learning IMing) x 50 weeks = 600 hours per year. Say the first 3 years is a 'break even' trial & error period.

    Now in the 4th &5th year you create one kick ass product/sales funnel/list of targeted potential buyers and you aim high...

    10,000 sales of a $97 product in year 6 = $970,000

    But, you personally build an affiliate program whereby 100 people make 100 sales per that year at a cost of 50% commissions for marketing your $97 product.

    You clear roughly $485,000 after affiliate payouts. Less a few refunds, a few domains, some outsourcing, hosting, etc.... (For 6 years of p/t work from home)- for conversations sake lets assume you earn $300,000

    600 hours per year x 6 = 3600 hours

    $300,000 รท 3600 = $83.33 per hour.

    But, you can aim higher... And build a monthly recurring product using the same energy, and that $83.33 now becomes a smooth $1,000 per hour! (Because you just multiplied it by 12)

    $300,000 per month x12 = $3.6million a year recurring... Plus, a massive list of buyers

    An attainable goal... Yes, if you put in the time & effort.

    Lastly, I am nowhere near these numbers (as of yet) but this is my financial plan...having one helps stay focused when those little affiliate commissions leave you to question;"Why the hell am I doing this to Myself?"

    Because the reality is there's a bunch of warriors who have made (what appears an impossible goal) numbers like these their reality!!!

    All the Best,

    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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  • Profile picture of the author Virtualghost
    Well interesting posts.Nice to be a part of a group with people who like me did the off-line grind(35 Years)Yes I was lucky but I sit here also with an income now that most today will never see but it came with hard work as I tell others put I paid my dues and was making 6 figure income but I worked my way from the bottom to not quite the top.
    Love it here but like others have mentioned there's a lot of "shit" in some of the promises made but it's everywhere you just have to filter out the best you can.I have to admit I have bought some crappy stuff here and some educational stuff.
    And a lot of "educational"posts just to get one to click that signature link.But to be honest on rare occasions I have found the signatures to be more informative then some WSO's.
    Finally,everyone thinks they have the golden opportunity to sell us or promote and I hate to say it but if I was one of these "Gurus" with the secret sauce I wouldn't be here peddling for any price.
    And my neighbour in Hamilton Thank You as I am quite sure you understand Niagara Falls and what it is like to lose your Industry the heart beat of the city.
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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    @Art72 - Brain work is definitely important.

    My point that seems to be misappropriated is that people need to not only set goals, but they also need to get moving executing their goals.

    Some of us need more accountability than others.

    Freedom is not free, nor is it necessarily the cure all for everyone.

    For some, having someone pat you on the head, give you praise, give you "ad'a boy"'s etc. are just as rewarding (or can be) as having entrepreneurial success.

    Some folks just need to get some momentum.

    Others need a reality check.

    Either way, you can AND should not only have a plan, but slowly, be doing the things that need to get done to move you measurably closer to your goal.

    If you want traffic...yeah, you could do the "bum marketing" thing.

    And you should.

    But, if you've TRIED that and it's not working, or you're feeling've got to try something else.

    Levers help you do this.

    I tried providing one at the beginning.

    For those of you that don't find it useful...sorry.

    For those of you that had a lightbulb go off....I wrote it specifically to help you.

    To your success.


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  • Profile picture of the author nicolasmd2112
    This is actually how i started to make my first couple of bucks online. I did odd jobs, then i switched to outsourcing them and made even more by applying for more and more jobs. I would recommend this method to everyone who is thinking about trying IM, but has no money to start.
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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    @nicolasmd2112 - Right on!!! Odd jobs for sure, and see, you pivoted, parlayed. You learned how to turn it into MORE!!!

    That's what I'm talking about.

    Do you mind if I ask what types of jobs?

    What were you doing and then later outsourcing?

    I'm trying to give context for those that are still like....."huh?"

    Thanks so much for weighing in.


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  • Profile picture of the author QueenMelanie
    sorry, but you don't need to spend $250 a month to call yourself an internet marker.. Its possible to make lots of money from spending close to nothing each month..
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  • Profile picture of the author focusedlife
    @QueenMelanie - Of course not. You can spend nothing and get GREAT results. But most people aren't. Most people aren't spending anything nor getting any results.

    Money, for the sake of my original post, is simply a lever.

    A tool.

    A way to accelerate success...especially if one is not experiencing success now.

    It's not, by any means, the only way, it's A way.

    That's all I meant.


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