How to Make Money Online with No Money

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Did you make money online with capital, is question people have been asking me over the past few months.

Am asking you the same question because i make money online without capital, but not like that of gurus that make over $20,000 online..

Share your thought ..
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    Started with nothing, but after a while used profits to automate new projects.. Think most people do the same!
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    I started with no capital whatsoever. I used free sites, article writing and manual backlinking to rank my first niche site which makes $50. After that, I utilized Fiverr to make more money so I can pay for social bookmarks and edu backlinks etc.
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      The free money making niche may be an area to consider. You can focus on sites that are free to join and offer free ways to make money. Just be sure to choose sites that have proven payment histories.
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    I started while on unemployment, so I didn't exactly have a ton of money spend.

    The good news is that there's always a way to make it happen...

    Regardless of how little moolah you have.
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    Started with nothing but $50K in debt.

    Actually had to borrow more money $1,500 plus about $500 more to start up from my credit card.

    This is not even including advertising fees of another $10K (from my credit card). This was between 2005 to 2006.

    In that first year, I broke even. Didn't make profit but 'recouped' my expenses. But to me 'Breaking Even', was a success story in itself.

    And this was with a mentor, paid ads and a system.

    But I am a 'buyer' and love to buy.

    Most people 'love to buy' but hate to be sold.

    But you have got to be a 'buyer' to attract others who also will buy from you.
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    Focus on ways on how to drive free traffic, and then send that traffic to an offer that converts.

    There's plenty of ways to do it, many people make a full-time income just from creating Youtube videos for instance which doesn't cost a thing (maybe video software).

    There's also plenty of methods to leverage social media, just go where the trafic is and where you don't have to pay it takes longer but it's possible.
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      Of course there are plenty of ways that you can make money without spending any money. But how much you can make depends much on your skills set, the time and effort you can put in and how well you have established your website or blog. Here are just a few examples:

      1. If you can write, there are many companies that are looking for bloggers and pay per post or give you a contract

      2. Monetize your blog with Google Adsense

      3. Sell Ad Space Directly to advertisers

      4. Sell your merchandise. There are many popular marketplaces that offer their services and will work with you to create custom items for you to sell through your blog.
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    blogspot can help u earn more money
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    Initially, I started by jumping head first into a 2-up MLM and lost $1,000.

    But, the weekly webinars (so called training) was always another sales pitch for some product or service that was supposed to help beginners make more sales. It was then I realized just how little I knew about the internet & affiliate partnerships. Having caught a glimpse of what they were really doing (pushing affiliate products & services as training webinars) made me sick!

    But, essentially it was how I discovered affiliate marketing, and after doing some research became a believer that earning commissions on someone else's product, services, training, and resources was indeed a great concept.(if done ethically of course)

    My first earnings online were made using free methods... writing articles and reviews using free web properties and affiliate products.

    Oh, and having found this forum... Helped immensely.
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I started with maybe $100 or so. Maybe not even that. I was actually living in my car when I made my first real sale online. I started off dropshipping and would use the slow computers at the libraries to ship products from amazon on my phone haha. Used a credit card too, that helped A LOT! man i was so happy to have $300 in credit. That's all you really need. Hell you can post your own WSO for like $20. But I didn't start doing that till recently. You will get there.
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    What`s the meaning of "No capital" or "No money"? Someone can says - Yes, I do it with 40 days work non-stop but without capital. For me time also costs money. If you write an articles, this is time. So time=money. Don`t you think so?
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    I started with nothing as well, started doing small freelance projects,
    The only investment I made was buying my first domain name and hosting. I never liked the idea of depending on others (such as blogspot or, so I did spend money on that, but other that my websites, no investments made!
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    You can easily start for free although it would be better to invest in a domain and hosting. You can make informative YouTube videos perhaps reviews of some products and link to them in your description. You can create and sell information products.
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      I started online with nothing selling an information product on eBay around 6 years ago. I was making around £1,000 a month until that went t**s up.

      After that I found HubPages which is totally free. I made very little money from HubPages however that's were I found out about SEO, internet marketing etc..

      That then lead me to Squidoo again free. At this time people were killing it ranking Squidoo lenses (Google loved them) and monetizing it with Amazon Associates Program. At my peak I was making about $600-$700 a month using the site, nothing like the big guys there making $5000+ but it was my first decent money from doing this sort of stuff online.

      At the same time as building my Squidoo lenses (there word for articles basically if you didn't know) I created a few of my own websites.

      I must have made over 20, with some being downright failures and others doing okay for me.

      The best one I had was on laser hair removal devices which was making me $40-$50 a day while it ranked, which wasn't for a huge amount of time.

      Around 5 years had passed since the eBay adventure by now and I had been averaging $600-$1200 a month with what seemed like forever. Most of it coming from Squidoo. Then to top it all of Squidoo got penalized decimating my income.

      I was now hovering between $200-$500 MAX. It was almost the holiday season and spending less than $200 I would estimate I decided to make a site based on something that happens every year during the holiday season.

      Everyone always spoke about how you could make a ton of cash during this time of year if you found the right thing to promote.

      I knew that if this didn't pay of I would be screwed as this was my only income.

      Anyway to cut a long story short over 5 days (when this trends) I made around $20,000 through the Amazon Associate program with this site all of the traffic coming from free sources such as search engines.

      Edit: Think I done goofed misread what the article title asked for, sorry.

      Anyway there are many ways you can make money with no money.

      One of the quickest ways if you're a good writer is freelance writing gigs. Another way is to sell a service on say Fiveer such as making Logo's, leaving testimonials etc..


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    If without any invest then i would say its difficult. You have to invest May be its $50 or $100 but you have to invest some money and a lot of work. Then you can make profits from there and reinvest it.
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    I tried to cut corners and failed. I made reasonable investments in 2 business models and succeeded. For me, investing in the 2 online businesses has paid off. I just couldn't do it using a small amount like $100 but by putting thousands of dollars, I'm seeing quicker results.

    My friend owns a Snooker table business in London and the poor guy just can't sleep as he's spending a fortune on fixed and variable monthly overheads. His business loan is $80,000 (converted from £), he invested a further $35,000 and can't even break even. Whereas with an online business, I only invested a few thousand dollars with minimum overheads and I'm able to sleep at night. So people invest huge amounts in a conventional business so why don't we try to cut corners with online businesses?
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    Just start offering services on sites like odesk or other freelancers sites.
    It shouldn't just be selling a product if you don't have the money to advertise it.

    So open your mind a little bit and the start making money.
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    Yes if you do offline services, and people find you online, say through Social Media or your website. For instance you might be a LAWYER, easy 123 to make money online without money. HAH!

    If you are talking about selling stuff online? AGAIN, OFFLINE SERVICES. Selling clothing, and junk can make money online with 0 investment.

    You can also sell PDF's or E-Books with 0 investment. I think this is what most people try to do online it seems.
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    • I started a few years ago with a simple blog. In a very very small niche.

      The cost was around 100 € (a decent host, a logo made on fiverr, an aweber account).

      I have been posting during 6 months. An audience appeared. I wrote a 100 page ebook. Sold it for 7€.

      Made 6000 € the first month. I was so amazed.

      When you have the fans community, the rest is (almost) easy.
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    I think that one of the main reasons why so many people fail in making money online is because they are taught NON SENSE which is promote any product, blog everyday, and get free traffic and then make sales.

    Testing both ways, if you want to make the most money when you are new, don't hesitate to pay for ads. Start with even $10 per day.

    Paid ads is far better then free marketing.
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