Make visitors who visit subdomain to visit main site?

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What kind of link/ icon would you place on your subdomain to encourage the visitors to visit the main domain, at the moment for me they have to remove the final part of the link which most wouldn't do
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    If you don't want to make them click something (a link or icon) then you're best bet is to just redirect them automatically. There are a few different ways of doing this; Either via .htaccess or simple javascript code. You can google "how to redirect subdomain via htaccess" or "javascript code to redirect" and find a bunch of examples for each method.
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  • I have several subdomains, and I basically provide links back to my main on each of the subs in the footer.

    My main site is where I publish my content (articles) my subdomains provide various types of functionality. So I post articles on my main site about the functionality of the subs. Then I write a small post (these are all wordpress sites) about the articles in the blog section of the subdirectory site and redirect the reader to the main site article.

    That usually keeps them on site for awhile reading other articles.


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  • Aloha tommybc,

    All you really need to do is place a hyperlink at the location on your subdomain page where think your visitors will be at when you want them to be directed and link that hyperlink to your home page. This is easily done in your page editor by clicking globe and chain in the tools section of your editor. Then you will be able to place in whatever text or image you want to be the hyperlink.

    Then you could just use a call to action like:

    Click Here To Find Out More

    Aloha and I hope that helps

    Richard Simafranca
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    if you have more than sub-domain you can also make social bookmarking site for gain visitors.
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    What about a related postsplugin, can you make it so that posts from your main site appear as little popups at the bottom of posts like in this plugin,
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