What Was It Like ... Launching Your First WSO?

by dotban
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Let's Talk.

I realize some of you launched your first WSO years ago while some only recently.

What I would like you to share is the mindset, the expectations, the slip-ups, what you could have done differently, what you learned, etc.

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    Ah yes, back when the Warrior Special Offers section first started, before anyone heard of a "WSO", in the "old" forum that isn't around any more and the idea was to submit deals for our forum friends and get feedback to help with product launches on our own sites ....

    Submitted the offer. One of the old, grizzly forum members said my site looked like a 5th grader had made it, and it was instantly DOA. It was a really good lesson.

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  • I still remember launching my first one about YouTube.

    It was definitely an interesting experience. I never thought I would go on creating plenty more. I feel like WSOs are a great way to help teach others while also earning money at the same time.

    My biggest recommendation and tip is to just make it a goal to give as much value as you can for as good of a price as you can set.

    Yes, everybody with a sole intent of selling a WSO wants money, no doubt, but there is a lot of satisfaction getting an email from somebody saying, "I made so much money from X method."

    Just getting a few emails like that the other day was great!

    Give value.

    I remember on my second or third WSO not being able to connect WarriorPlus with the WSO, so when people clicked on the buy button, it wouldn't bring them to the payment page. It was a really funny but scary experience that I honestly would never want to experience again, but it taught me to remember to always research and out in time to help make sure everything turns out just perfectly. So always make sure you are prepared for the work involved, watching over your thread, and keeping yourself ready for emails and PMs to handle support.

    Salescopy IS SO IMPORTANT

    You could have the best product in the world with the most amazing techniques for making a huge amount of cash for you and others.......

    But if your WSO does not have compelling salescopy, then you won't make a cent.

    Take, for example, my 2nd WSO and a few others of mine that have made ME an AMAZING income.....

    The salescopy just didn't click with the majority of users on this forum, which is only normal, but many people didn't get to learn the tricks and methods in those WSOs.

    I've spoken with others who put in hours upon weeks of work into a WSO of theirs, and to hear that they barely earned back a single cent is heartbreaking considering the amazing value and knowledge that they had to offer......

    Unfortunately, that's just how it is not only with this forum, but also with the world of advertising and marketing.

    I still wonder how much great knowledge is hidden in the world today because of the author or creator not being able to share it with everybody else in a way that compelled others to buy what they were selling.
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    Mindset: Excited

    Expectations: Millions of dollars instantly in my pocket (honestly, I was hoping I'd make at least one sale)

    Slip-ups: Don't know that I really had any slip-ups per say - besides the whole making millions of dollars thing

    What I would have done differently: I was selling an ebook, and I spent about 3 weeks setting up a crazy backend with all kinds of membership functionality and such. Probably about 100 hours worth of work went directly into that backend/members area.

    Low and behold, no one gave two shizs about the backend - they just wanted the ebook.

    I should have kept it simple, gone with something like https://gumroad.com/ and launched 3 weeks earlier.
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    I've never made a WSO but I remember creating and selling my first ebook. I had a small authority niche site and I decided to take some of the content that was on the site already and format it into an ebook, just to see if anyone would buy it. "Maybe I will make a sale or two" was my thought.

    Lo and behold, the first month I launched the ebook, the sales actually matched the earnings that I was earning with the rest of the site from Adsense. The ebook sales continued to mirror the Adsense earnings and I still make money from it to this day.
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    Don't launch on Super Bowl Sunday lol. My 4th product didn't do as great as my other 3. My word of advice is just get ish done. Don't mess around.
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      Wow! Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

      It has heightened my awareness (and maybe the understanding of other Warriors also) of how to approach launching a WSO.
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      Don't launch on Super Bowl Sunday lol. My 4th product didn't do as great as my other 3. My word of advice is just get ish done. Don't mess around.
      I didn't launch on that day, but I did on Friday, and my product was on the first page for what seemed like forever.

      Something that doesn't always happen. I was confused as to why it was still at the top, and I forget it was Super Bowl Sunday, so not many people were bumping, so Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and even the beginning of Monday I was at the front page.

      But yes, sometimes launching on a big day like Super Bowl Sunday when 120 million people will be on television is not that great of an idea, but on the other hand, no one else is going to bump, and people will be going online after the game; therefore, you can still make some good cash if you were to bump it on that day. Launching = maybe not BUMPING = Possibly a good idea.

      At the end of the day, use common sense.

      My 0.02 cents
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    There are always mixed feelings in every launch I make. I've launched several products, and they don't change much.

    On the positive side, a tremendous excitement, the willing to do good and add value, and the hope of having an amazing launch.

    On the not-so-positive side of things, the fear of failure ("what if no one buys?... what if they buy and hate it?"), and anxiety. Trust me, launches are stressful. And I guess even much more seasoned marketers than me would agree on this one.

    Regarding my slip-ups (which will turn into my advice), my main issue has always been to leave too many things for the last minute. Yes, I know "money loves speed", and you can't have every single nitty-gritty detail under control or you'd never launch a thing; but on the other hand, if you are still testing the funnel, tweaking the report, and adding a few bullets to the copy two hours before the launch, man, that is stressful!

    So, my advice is to have everything you can ready well in advance, so that during the launch day you can be focused only on that, the launch itself, interacting with your affiliates, paying for the WSO and monitoring the thread, etc.
    Need some high-quality lead magnets to build your list?


    I'm giving you giveaway rights to two of my plugins!
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    Great thread I stumbled upon, I am thinking about making my first WSO right now.
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