Does Anyone Use CITYMAX For Their Website?

by SandyHall 2 replies
Hi Everyone, Sandy here

I've been thinking of using a website ecommerce system,
by the name of citymax . com

According to the website homepage, it can only be used for one domain.
Cost is $20 monthly
But the amount of space given for the entire site is only 50mg.
If you're uploading a lot of images that'll be used up quick, don't you think?

Does anyone here use it for any of their sites? If so,
can you give your pros and cons on your experiences with them?

Thanks for your replies in advance,
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    Hi Sandy: I used CityMax in the past when I was first starting out, and it was great. However, it isn't all that different from the site builders that most hosting companies now use. You can test drive their site builder here without having to sign up for anything: Canadian Web Site Builder and Page Design - Canada A 50 page website runs about $12 Cdn per month. I know there are lots of other hosting sites out there that offer a similar service. City Max is good, after all is said and done, however.

    Another consideration for you might be Site Build It! - Ken Evoy is well know in IM circles and has a good product that might be of interest to you. A bit more expensive, than City Max but loaded with lots of really excellent extras.
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    Hey Sandy....yes I have used it. It is horrible. The shopping cart does not work at all and the customer support is non existent. I had a terrible experience with them. I am also looking for a website builder.
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