What is your best internet marketing experience?

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I've been around the IM industry since late 2006 (almost a decade) and my best experience was when I banked my first Adsense check ($445).

Share yours....
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    I think honestly when I got that first Click of over $1 for Adsense 7 years ago.

    It is pretty special isn't.

    Even though it was for only $1.27 just the fact that I got it and that it proved to me making money online was NOT just a Myth

    - Robert Andrew
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    My best Internet Marketing experience was attending (and speaking at) my first IM event. That changed everything for me. There's nothing like making personal, face to face contact with like-minded entrepreneurs.
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    My first check from Clickbank was special as was my first FBA sale on Amazon.
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      Back in 2002 I spent a couple of days writing a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that let users manage the new (at the time) attachment blocking settings.

      You could muck around in the Windows registry to change the settings, but my plugin added a new page to Outlook's settings dialog to let users easily manage them.

      At first I released it as freeware, but once I saw how popular is was becoming I improved it and released a shareware version with a free trial.

      I worked on SEO, and it started selling immediately.

      It sold well for about three years (thousands of copies), and I never spent any more time on it or any money marketing it.

      That was the first money I ever made online, and I will never forget the feeling I had when those first sales started coming in.
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    My best internet marketing experience was back in 2006-2007 or so when I first met my mentor. After struggling online for 5 years or so, it was the breakthrough I was looking for.
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      My best experience, overall, was the second time I had an article syndicated to a very high-circulation newspaper and got a substantial five-figure number of targeted visitors to the landing page of one of my main sites, over a 2-day period: over 15% of the visitors subscribed, and nearly 50% of the subscribers bought a relatively high-commission item through an affiliate-link sent by automated email - not in the first email of the series, of course, but not long after. (And people say "article marketing doesn't work"! )

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    Mine was the day I started making enough to cover my bills for the month. I knew at that point I was job free and it would only get better. 15 years ago....

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    My best marketing experience is being able to quit my 9-5 day job and work from home doing something that I love and am passionate about, and not having to deal with corporate BS.
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    My best time ever was when I targeted a very specific niche that's seasonal and watched as I made serious cash over a very short period of time with just free search engine traffic and monetized with Amazon Associates.

    No better feeling than logging into your Amazon account, opening up your report for the day and seeing you've sold 1000s of products for that one day.

    My other best time was getting my first ever adsense click from a HubPage I created. It was only a few cent but the feeling was amazing.

    Thanks for creating this thread I'm sure there are going to be a ton of really inspiring stories in here.


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      Being interviewed to promote my first book as a result of a consistent email campaign. It was an awesome feeling.

      Although, the first time I outranked WebMD in a particular niche market was pretty awesome too.

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    My best experience was when I first 'saw' a system and video of 'normal' people making a full time living online. It was a video of families who were living the Internet Marketing Dream.

    It was in that exact moment that I really acknowledged that someone like me (a regular guy) could make it online.
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    Made $1,000 in one month selling a $37 penis enlargement product. Great month... both financially and sexually lol.
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    Mybest experience was making $1500 in one day in a matrix system I am still using. Plan to make over $5000 in the next three months.

    Good Hunting



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    My best experience was getting ripped off for $1000 when I joined an MLM centered around internet marketing.

    However, it opened my eyes to what was possible online, and I figured if con artists could fill 1000 room webinars every week... Surely I could make some sales with the internet and ethical practices.

    After a long and arduous road learning the basics...I made my first 2 sales commissions on a Clickbank product for writing a simple review about a product I was using.

    When you really think about it, most people consider their first money made online as the 'ah ha moment' and for me, it wasn't the money it was the fact I got paid for writing...something I like (and at times love) doing.
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    Originally Posted by ezeonlinebiz View Post

    I've been around the IM industry since late 2006 (almost a decade) and my best experience was when I banked my first Adsense check ($445).

    Share yours....
    Hi ezeonlinebiz;

    My best experience was when a customer bought a big ticket item (valued at $2400) using a 4 installment payment plan and paid the first installment 34 days after I signed up in the program. My commission was 50%.

    Turn $50 into $500!
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    My best experience was when I got to interview a group of major television celebrities for a press release on an upcoming television show.

    One of the scariest experiences of my life (I was 17 at the time and had no idea what I was doing) but absolutely incredible.
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    When I started IM, I made some money pretty fast in doing some gigs in Fiverr, thanks to my mentor. That was 5 years ago. Now it is a bit hard to get some gigs that "easy" - at least it was for me. Now I have grown and learnt some other ways of making money online..
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    It was when I started affiliate marketing with Markethealth. I just promoted a few hot health products and made under $200 with a Twitter strategy. I didn't pay for any hosting, domain, autoresponder etc so it turned out to be the best free method used.
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    I started doing small freelance gigs back in 2007, but the most satisfying moment was when I made my first $100 with Adsense! I was so proud that all of my hard work actually paid off! And it was passive income, I didn't have to really work for it (except grow my website,. which wasn't really work since I enjoyed doing it).
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    My best experience came last week. After spending a year researching and developing my book into an untaped niche (legit telecommute jobs - not wfh businesses or IM mind you) I sold the first copy for $154.99!

    My next favorite moment will be when I get a super affiliate to help back the book and mentor me into us making boat loads of cash together!
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    when I first made the transmission of earning a bit on the side to earning my full time living online
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    When i got my first check around 9 years ago and when i was making high 4 figures daily around 6 years ago.
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    Pretty much every morning that I wake up and made income while I was asleep. There's really no better feeling for me.
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    Love these stories.

    Mine was my first day after a week or so of $1000+ days and taking my buddy who also does IM out for dinner....ordered a meal without looking at the price...didn't care. It was awesome.

    Of course the first night making like 600+ in a few hours....called the network and thought it was a mistake haha

    Work smart, work hard, never give up. Learn with me here: http://www.joelraitt.com

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      Some inspiring comments here for us newbies. It is a steep learning curve and does take consistent effort. After 2 years of buying all that glitters, I finally realised that I needed help, found a good mentor and started working to a planned strategy last November and saw my first ever online returns just last month.
      As some mentioned earlier, that first payment and realisation that a system works is brilliant!!

      Brian B
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        my first sale was the best experience for me. It wasn't at all about the money as it was only a small amount, but it was more about the possibilities it opened my eyes to
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    My best experience was with fiverr as a graphic designer when I've generated 246$ in a month !
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