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by agni
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Two of my friends are planning to start country specific micro job website portal like 'Fiverr', Would highly appreciate your valuable inputs by way of advice, suggestions, tips etc namely the business plan, best software, technical backup required, marketing strategy etc.

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    You're best bet is to seek out these things individually. The people who know, such as myself, really don't have the time to pen all the of required information in one post. I'd be at it for hours, days. You should also research these things yourself. The only problem I foresee at this stage is this: this is quite the project, and it seems you're quite new.


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    Thank you Tom for your valuable suggestion. My friends contacted me for my inputs. I have suggested them to keep Fiverr itself as the base model, study their platform, the way the website is created and maintained, then search for good clone script/software to make the web platform, create the website and do a soft launch to test the waters keeping a time frame. After that go for aggressive online and offline marketing and advertisement etc. I thought by posting in this great Forum will help getting more great pieces of advice from experienced warriors here. I understand that the topic itself is a project but any valuable tips form warriors will be of great help.

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    Maybe your "friends " should join the forum, contribute and ask themselves.... Really don't like helping parasites who can't do the legwork themselves....
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    my tip: make sure you have a complete business plan set up before you start anything else!
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    You have a lot to read, then you will understand much
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