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How do i change the paragraph font size in wordpress using css editor please?

I have figured out format, but not paragraph.

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    i believe you have to change the style sheet
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    In your stylesheet, add to the appropriate class or ID


    and set the pixel size to whatever you like.

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is a great point of reference for stuff like this.
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    Find your stylesheet in the Appearance>Editor screen. It will be at or near the bottom - a file called style, or stylesheet with a file type of .css

    Scroll through it until you come to the definitions dealing with font size. There may be different definitions for sidebars, main content, headers etc. Also there may be different sections dealing with each of those with the font size defined within each section.

    So find the section you want and change the size - it could be in pixels (px), points (pt) or em. Make a small change and check the result before saving and closing.

    BTW - you'll need to make sure that file is writable before you can save changes.


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