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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this as there wasn't really a proper sub forum that relates to this. I figured since this can be done offline and online that it kind of fits here, if not please move it to the proper sub forum.

So I've been hearing alot about real estate wholesaling. Does anybody know of a good course that teaches how to do this online and offline?

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    First off go to Barnes and Nobel and look for the book The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller.. Browse thru the book towards the back where he features several Millionaire investors and read thier stories. Look at a few of them for ideas about Wholesaling... Also look at the other books there, to get an idea. It is a lot cheaper than paying a few hundred dollars for some ones package.

    Go online look for a local Real Estate Investing Club to attend. A lot folded up a few years ago after the markets crashed. If one is in the area attend the Monthly meeting to learn about Investing . Look up Vena Jones-Cox online, She is a Wholesaler in the Cincinnati Ohio area that teaches what you are looking for.. Before buying any of her products see if she resonator's with you or not. There is a lot of free information that she puts out. Also look up others out there. Like Wendy Patton, Tony Young, etc.

    FYI Hold your money tight. Some Gurus in Real Estate will having you buying course after course and never lead you to take action.. Good Luck,
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    What are you asking? Online wholesaling is the same as selling any other niche online.

    Find the lead aka motivated seller, (insert marketing method) negotiate a seller contract around 50% arv - cost of repairs. find a buyer (insert marketing method unless you have built a list) raise the price for your fee, sell the contract to the buyer.

    Use bandit signs, online marketing, heck refrigerator magnets, just find a method that brings in the leads, and be able to negotiate the price down.

    There really is nothing else to it. If you lived in orlando I would find leads for you because I run a leads business there where I sell packages of motivated seller leads in 20, 30, and 50 bundles.
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