QUEENBEEJV Disappeared?

by Sarah Harvey 4 replies

I was thinking of contributing to my first ever giveaway and to be frank the site disappeared!


I am at a loss of words. To think it was starting to come nicely together and it had some nice products on it. I am pretty shocked.

Maybe its just me, so if anyone can check if the site works for them....

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    Hi Sarah,

    I got this email this morning:

    Queen Bee JV Offline! | OnlyJV Blog
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    Hi, the site is not working. shows "error"

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      Okay I feel a little bit better now.

      I don't know...for some reason I wanted to participate in this giveaway and bring one of my products out. The little bee just sold me on the giveaway *grins*

      Thanks for replying...I thought initially it could have been my browser, internet connection or anything else I could think of. (Believe me I had tons of thoughts.)
      "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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        Hi, I'm the one who setup the giveaway for my daughter. It's her first ever internet venture, so she was really upset when she lost everything! (Not to say panic-stricken!)

        We had a hardware failure on the server and were able to save everything except that one site, that had been created after the last backup! However, we are up and running again now, and can only apologise for the scare!

        Quite a few contributers had paid to upgrade their accounts. If you are one of them, you can re-join and leave your Paypal eMail address that you upgraded with via the site helpdesk and I'll make sure your account is upgraded ASAP!

        Once again, sorry, but please don't let it put you off signing up. :-)
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