WARNING: Blog networks engaging in cloaking and not showing Googlebot your links

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I've discovered 2 different blogs on 2 different networks blocking Googlebot from seeing the links that I paid for. When you get the link to the page which contains your link, make sure to verify that Google itself can see the link, otherwise you are being defrauded. Just because you can visit the page and see the link, it won't do you any good unless Google also counts the link.

You can set the user agent to
User-Agent: Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

in order to appear as Googlebot to the blog, so that you can verify the link and post is intact. There are several proxies available that can let you set the user agent, or you can do it from your command line or browser.

Also verify that the page rank is authentic and not fake, and that the blog has not been de-indexed. There are several page rank checkers online, and you can use 'info:example.com' in Google to verify it is indexed.

I'll refrain from mentioning the network until they respond to the support request. One of the networks was very accommodating and provided a credit.
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