Best Autoresponder To Offer To OFFLINE Businesses?

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Hey guys,

I'm planning on offering some new services to local businesses in my area, and one of those services is consulting on building a customer email list.

I'd prefer they have to purchase everything through me as a package deal... I could send them to Aweber but I'd rather not.

Ideally, I'd like something like a private label Aweber or maybe a script I can host, that's easy to maintain, in order to manage the lists for my customers.

I did some searching around the forum before I posted this, I didn't find a whole lot, sorry if it's been covered before.

Any advice?

Much appreciated,

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    Use aweber private label, you get all the features (and delivery) of aweber but with your name on it:

    Private Label Program - Resell AWeber As Your Own Email Marketing Software
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    I just found that Parabots autoresponder is now free. But, I have no experience with it. Maybe someone else here does.

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    Software For Collectors, Business:Check it Out

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    You need a pretty big budget to get started with a Private Label
    of a service like AWeber. You better be prepared to sign-up
    100 clients immediately to go that route... at least this was
    true when I looked.

    I've found, as an affiliate for AR services, that sales are few
    and far between. Either people already got one, or they are
    insufficiently committed to marketing to make a decision, or
    whatever you advise gets them thinking and then they buy
    through another affiliate...

    So what you are thinking about running your own isn't totally
    dumb. You can work out a deal to set-up something like ARP3
    for your clients. There is something to be said for local businesses
    running their own on their own hosting accounts. They are less
    likely to be involved with global "internet" marketing so spam isn't
    such a big issue.

    I know this may seem a bit heretical, because we like to get all
    puffed-up here about how important it is to have Aweber or
    Getresponse or whatever - but as I see it different businesses have
    different needs. A lot of businesses have been running their
    email marketing through something like ACT - and while it
    doesn't do autoresponders it does do mail merges, so it's okay
    for seasonal emailing.

    There are a few scripts out there with which you can run your
    own email marketing firm. Do you want the headaches of it?

    Kinda like doing the hosting business IMO, you better be prepared
    to deal with the issues that come up... and until you get a good-s
    sized client base using your service dealing with those issues will
    be an unprofitable use of your time. Think about what it would
    feel like to spend an hour a month supporting each $10/mo hosting
    client you have... hard to make the numbers work until you get
    kind of big and can hire and train the help.
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    You may find it best to purchase aweber accounts for these businesses, but you would be the only one with the login and access to the back end.

    Just include your costs in the monthly fees.

    Getresponse / Aweber etc can deal with keeping the spam cops away, and maintaining the deliverability for your clients.

    Mark Riddle
    Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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      Granted there are differences between the major players but you are just talking about the mechanics of the system ... it is what you put into the autoresponder that will matter the most.

      Just pick one and go for it ...

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    I get what you're saying... I already use Aweber for my business. But I'd like to sell the service through myself instead of saying "Hey, go sign up for this website with this affiliate link, copy that complicated HTML code, figure out how to set up your list, etc."

    I'd just assume to have my people do that and save the customer the hassle.

    Mark, that may be the way to go... I like your site btw... Similar to what I'm planning on doing here.

    Loren, I want as few headaches as humanly possible... So what are we talking to get started with the private label Aweber? I sent them an email... I can't imagine it being more than a few hundred a month, could be wrong though.

    All of the advice is appreciated, gives me something to think about.



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    I remember looking into it and somewhere I got the idea it
    was about $5k to get started with the private label of
    Aweber. It's a foggy memory though and it was quite a while
    back that I looked into it.
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    I've used Aweber in the past, setting up each client with their own account, however now I'm looking into Mailchimp for my clients. A major factor for me is that Mailchimp will allow an import of a current customer list w/o having to send confirmation emails. I like what I've seen so far.

    "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
    Tom Peters

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    Thanks Amy, that looks like it may be a viable option... Looking into it now.

    Over $30 Million In Marketing Data And A Decade Of Consistently Generating Breakthrough Results - Ask How My Unique Approach To Copy Typically Outsells Traditional Ads By Up To 29x Or More...

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    Thanks Loren, I've not used Drupal before but any excuse to learn....

    My brain is going a mile a minute right now!
    "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
    Tom Peters

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    iContact has several options, but vary in price along the lines of aWeber's private label. iContact has both the private label and also what they call an agency account. It was created for advertising agencies to handle ARs for various clients.

    I know several folks who just set up iContact for their offline customers and manage it for them. If the customer bails, they just down the AR. If the customer wants to leave, they just transfer the account passwords etc over to the customer.

    I have just one offline customer and its worked pretty well for me too.

    If you're looking for a program to host or install on a dedicate server then I'll second Loren's idea of using AutoResponse Plus. Its a great program, and for local customers it should work fine - and not cause a lot of spam complaints etc. I use if for a few dedicated lists and have never had a problem with getting the program installed and configured.

    Except several years ago on a server running plesk control panel - but it was plesk's fault-they used a hacked version of qmail-and that's long since been fixed. The reason I said this is because Neil and the ARP3 community were champs in helping me out - lots to be said for that level of support!

    Good luck.
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      I've used ListMail Pro for years. Combined with my HostGator reseller account, things have worked out very well. The key that makes that work is I use them for clients that don't touch either one of them. That way, there are no support issues.

      While I've never used it before, I've heard good things about ARP.

      Most clients' email lists are small enough that they don't have the problems that make services like Aweber desirable for those building a list of many thousands.
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        Do you have to setup an AR account for each client, or can you have just one master account and just create lists for the client with your account. Is anyone doing that?
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          Have I studied this inside/out for the last 2 weeks.:rolleyes:

          I have found this company >>> Email Marketing | Email Marketing Software | Interspire Email Marketer that seems to fit exactly what YOU and I are looking for. It's less than $500. It will pay for itself in no time. You can open reseller accounts, so if your client leaves you then you can still receive money for handling their autoresponder.

          You can also import as many of your clients Existing cutomers without CONFIRMATION which is friggin HUGE. Confirmations will Lose your customer 50% of their existing database. Think your New client will be Happy?

          I contacted AWeber last week about PLR and man were they cocky. They wanted $15,000 for a PLR program and a ton of rules, screw them.

          I was about to call iContact, they are the last one on my list. If they can't help then hello Interspire.

          Interspire has been recommended to me by many prominent WF members who have used this for years.

          In fact, they claim it is Superior to AWeber which really surprised me. They did mention that Interspire has Better deliver-ability % than AWeber. Here's how they do it

          My offline customers are Local, I don't think Spam issues will be a problem.

          Hope this helps,

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    I'm planning on offering some new services to local businesses in my area, and one of those services is consulting on building a customer email list.

    You can run all of those accounts under your own account use it's a private label of Aweber you control it all

    Bill Skywalker Edwards

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    I use DotNetNuke extensively as my content management system. I have an autoresponder module plug-in from a company called Data Springs Opt-In List that costs around $100 and is a full-featured list management/autoresponder. It works fantastic for a small list, low frequency use. If you get to 1,000 or more, you'll probably run into trouble at some point.

    Major caution to anyone wanting to drop email - even to a double opt-in list via their own domain/server.

    ISPs will blacklist you in a New York second. AOHELL is the worst. It takes many, many hours of work to demonstrate to these chimpanzees that you only send to an opt-in list. Trust me. I've had to help bail many clients.

    For the time and trouble, Aweber is fine. If you're not a $50 million or more corp with an internal IT staff, it's simply not worth the cost to simply have your own domain on the email. I say that because I have put a $50 million client on Aweber and they think it's fine.
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    I vouce for Interspire Email Marketer, ton of features not provided by Aweber or GetResponse that helps me keep away any "competitors" who offer my clients AutoResponder services...they just cant compete!
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