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Hello warriors!

So I know that a lot of people sell niche blogs on Flippa, so basically just making a wordpress site and throwing up some articles, making it look nice, then selling it for under $100 on Flippa.

Is this still a viable business plan? Or is it too saturated at this point? Would it be wise to spend $5-$10 to get some cheap clicks from Bing Ads to the site to establish some traffic?

Thanks guys!
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    It's still viable, but like you say, it's saturated. Saturation has not only pushed down average profits, but the supply has made getting those flips quite a bit harder. I don't advise it. Think outside of the box. Where else might you sell such a thing? Who might be interested? And what could you do to add value and earn more profit?


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  • I don't think you need to invest in any ads. I know I never did when I flipped sites for a quick profit.

    Make sure that the site you design is very well designed and has these things taken cared of:

    - It has the ability to make somebody else MORE MONEY (They are buying this site to make it potentially grow, so think about this when designing the site. Does it have the potential to make money for the person about to buy this?

    - Is it in an evergreen niche?

    Overall, you want to make sure it is in a niche that will grow over time. I won't go into detail about this, but as long as it is in a topic that could last for years and still profit, it should potentially sell.

    - Will it rank well

    Check to see if the website has great potential for ranking on Google for high search volume keywords. As long as it has the "potential" to do so, other people will buy it up and bid on your site.

    And it's great you don't expect to earn $1,000 or more.

    Expecting to earn $100-$300 is a great potential range of how much you could earn.

    Making some money on it, even just some extra dollars via Adsense will already have others interested. Of course, it doesn't need to make a single cent for it to sell.


    I am saying this because a lot of people are literally forgetting about getting only good quality content for the site. Buyers love buying a site that is made nicely with quality content.

    Saturation? Yeah. The market is always growing and people are always trying to jump on this bandwagon. I just know that while it is still a bit saturated, there is still some potential if you have a nice way of designing sites and choosing niches.
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