Launching First Online Course...Advice and Tips Needed

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Hey Warriors,

In the next few months I'm finally going to release my first e-course in the IM niche. I've been doing a lot of research on the way people launch and sell larger e-courses and it's been eye opening to say the least. This will be a big course, with videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, and support. Not something skimpy. Price range will be around $400-$700. Haven't nailed that down quite yet.

What I've discovered is that some of the bigger e-courses online...

1. Only launch their courses a few times per year.
2. Use an evergreen or perpetual product launch method only.

And lastly, I find that some of them offer ALL the material within the members area while others spread it out over the course of 6-8 weeks for example.

To be honest, I can see advantages and disadvantages of BOTH ways they launch and sell their courses, as well as how they give out the information. But no need to get into all of that here.

Now I'm just trying to figure out what is best as far as HOW to launch (few times a year vs. perpetual formula) as well as if I should give away all the info in one shot vs. spreading it out.

Can anyone offer some tips or advice to help put me on the right track?

Thanks in advance!
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  • That sounds exciting. Seems to me you've got a lot of great things down and expect it to be huge, and I'm sure with the right marketing, it could be a success.

    When it comes down to launching a product, it could be a great idea to go the longer route of giving a lot of information right away, and then spread out the rest to becoming a weekly update on the next steps to take.

    This not only avoids and prevents potential refunds, but it helps you showcase to others

    Of course, it all depends on your product. Is this IM business you are trying to share with everybody something they should take into increments and go slowly, or is it best they get everything straight off the bat?

    Try to see what your product is best for.

    Considering it seems to me that you have a lot of great knowledge to share over a longer course period, consider going for the weekly updates.


    Best of luck on the launch. If something interesting comes to my mind, I'll give you more suggestions.

    Also, just remember that copywriting is by far the most important part of it all.

    Of course, you need a TOP NOTCH quality product so that your customers are happy, but a lot of people tend to forget about the salescopy and how to make people buy their product, so don't forget this vital part of selling anything.
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    Well , I am about to launch a 1997$ product and have been doing lots of research. About the sales process how to get high conversion rates. The most important thing is the sales funnel. Just make sure it converts and you should be rolling in the money. Traffic can be bought conversion rates are where you make money.

    Here is video I watched and I though it was informative

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    Yes, I plan on only promoting this to a warmed up list whom I'll already be giving value to. I know the funnel and sales letter (and product of course) are all essential.

    Where I'm stuck is: how should I launch it and should I spread out the info

    The course will involve creating passive income streams using highly targeted email marketing funnels.
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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      The launch and relaunch model is exhausting. Evergreen for a basically evergreen product sounds like it would work better. I only do evergreen myself for my courses and products.

      In a subscription model, if the training material is already created, you don't have a lot to lose by letting it be available all at once. It has been my experience that when course creators keep some stuff back, so that the subscribers are forced to pay again after the refund period in order to get the "good stuff" that they drop out in droves.

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    Yeah the launch and re-launch method is starting to seem not as appealing the more I think about it.
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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    One thing I have an opinion on is the release of the information. While building a relationship with a list, I see the benefit of releasing the info daily. However, with a product that you're straight selling, I think full release of the info would be best. This will allow people to go at their own speed.
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