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I recently bought a listbuilding product that looked like it should be newbie friendly as I wanted to do a mixture of research and find out what the hidden traffic source was the salespage talked about.

Turns out the whole thing was a steaming turd, and it's little wonder that most people coming into the MMO niche end up losing money and thinking the whole thing is a scam.

To make matters worse the "vendors" have had not given out the refund I asked for.

What happened to actually creating value and over delivering content that explains things rather than just selling stuff and looking for the quick buck?
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    its a shame, not all vendors are like this though some of them actually care, and are passionate and wise in the things they talk about, others are just trying to bank off of noobs wanting to learn.
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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. As QueenMelanie said, not all vendors work like that. I personally sell software and try to provide small eBooks, blog posts, and all other kinds of things to make sure my customers are as knowledgeable about the product and what it does, as possible.
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    This thing that makes MMO product degrading. Newbies who want to start make money online by searching and buying courses will stamp MMO as just merely scam, and it will also affect the "vendors" too. Yes, but I agree that not all "vendors" just like that.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Yikes! Kinda stinks for sure, I do my best to let go the product, or the poor product, to make room for a good one to move into my life. Desperate, greedy, fearful or outright inexperienced, ignorant folks sometimes put out less than stellar stuff. In other cases, some folks may like this stuff All depends on the beholder.

    Case in point; I've had best selling authors endorse my eBooks and although like 98% of folks go gaga over them, some feel they're garbage. They like chocolate, I like vanilla

    Either way though, I'd keep over delivering like you always do to set a good example for these folks.

    Onward and upward!

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    if they did not honor their refund. call paypal or your credit card company. here is what works for me. i start asking for my money back on their thread. but do it gently without violating the warrior forum rules. and within minutes you will egt your money back
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    Send e-mails to them via their flashy JV page that promises affiliates how great the product is, but no response.

    It's now the first paypal dispute I've had to raise, really is a sad position to be in, and it really is bad for the whole MMO niche as these guys are meant to be in the top 5% of the warriorplus system, and if they don't take action it will go the way of clickbank where I will just avoid buying products through them.
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