Ebay bid question (never done ebay before)

by David
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I've been around here a long time but I've never, ever tried ebay.

Is it normal to bid and have your bid be immediately outbid?

I'm not asking a "how do I market on ebay" question, I'm trying to buy something and see if I can get it a bit cheaper.

For 4 days running I bid and it's as if the person offering the product has pre selected a counter offer.

If he wanted $80 for the damn thing why put it up at $20 and reject everything that isn't $80 ?

I'm about to give up and just buy it on amazon.com for the $80 asking price just cause I'm pissed at the antics/ strategy.

Is someone else *really* bidding at the same time I am or is this a preselected option for the person (s) running the auction?

note: I've stopped bidding on stuff from the same person but they all seem to BE the same person judging from the thumbs of the product. The same thing happens with each time I bid, at first it was kinda fun (not having done it before) but it's not fun anymore.
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    Sorry, I'm no help, but I do want to tell you to make sure you ask questions and get all the info you need before you try to sell anything (I know you're buying...but this is for anyone who sells on ebay). I tried selling something on ebay a while ago as an unrelated thing and the buyer turned out to be a scammer and I ended up giving him the item without him paying. I could have fought it, but it wasn't worth the hassle. You need to be careful though. Good luck!
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    The guy that bid before you put in his max bid already, he is not bidding the same exact time as you. Lets say for example the bid starts at $10 and the bid increments go up in 50 cent increments. If you bid $20 the price will now show up as $10.50 and say I come along and bid $15 the price will now go up to $15.50 and if I bid $20.50 I will be the high bidder.
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    Yes misterwrecker is right, you can bid $50 but it won't put it right up to $50 it will only put it up to the next bid requirement amount. So if it is $10 and you bid $50, it will go up to $10.50

    You are still the highest bidder and will be until someone else comes in and bids up to and over your maximum bid of $50.
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    On eBay each buyer enters a maximum bid that they are willing to pay so if a seller lists an item with no reserve and the bidding starts at $0.99

    Bidder A enters a maximum bid of $4.00
    Bidder B enters a maximum bid of $3.00
    Bidder C enters a maximum bid of $25.00

    And so on

    Assuming that bidder A was the first to place a bid and that bid was for $1.99

    Then along comes Bidder B and they bid $3.00 then they would be instantly out bid by bidder A because the eBay software automates bidding for all bidders and only bids enough to out bid the previous bid until it reaches the actual highest bid placed by the highest bidder.

    So then along comes Bidder C and they bid a max bid of $25.00

    Bidder A is instantly out bid by bidder C and at auction end time bidder C wins the item at a cost of $4.05 not the $25.00 that bidder C placed as their highest maximum bid.

    To top it all off there is actually auction "sniping" software available that lets you enter your maximum bid but it waits until the last seconds of the auction thus preventing anyone that has been out bid from manually entering a higher bid.

    I hope all of that made sense. :confused:

    Best of luck you!
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      Here's how to bid on eBay...

      1. Bid late in the auction, as late as you can and physically get in the bid. You can use sniping software for this but you can do it yourself.

      2. Bid once. Don't get in a bidding war. As a seller, I like this but if you're buying you'll end up spending more if you do.

      3. Bid your maximum. Decide what you're willing to spend for an item and resolve to spend no more. If you think the item is worth $100 that's your max. Don't beat yourself up because someone bid $102 because that was over your max.

      4. Bid an odd increment. As mentioned by others here, your bid gets automatically bumped based on others bids. What you want to do is take advantage of this algorithm by bidding just below the next increment (bidding increments are available on eBay). For example, if the increment is 50 cents and your max bid is $30, bid $30.49 instead. This will help you win against some smartie who comes in a bids $30.01.
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    I don't mean to hijack the thread (this could be beneficial to the OP also) but is this sniping software against the TOS of ebay.
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    Robert J Tillie and bgmacaw are both dead on.

    misterwrecker, sniping sites are not against the eBay terms of service.
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