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Can anyone recommend a S3 video player for their Wordpress site? I'm looking into S3 Media Maestro, S3 Medai Vault, and JW Player.

One thing I don't quite get is that the first 2 are able to expire the links to the videos after a time limit. This means that links can't be shared and non-paying customers won't be able to watch.

I'm not understanding how that works. Does the software create redirects and rotate links? Obviously, your one-and-only link can't expire.
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    Hi Tony,

    Re. expiring links - in Amazon S3 you would set file permissions on your video files so that no one can see them. Sure enough, if you try to visit your video file URL, you won't be able to see it. But the script you're using ( one of those you referenced ) can send Amazon a temporary key to allow viewing of that URL for a certain amount of time. So there are no redirects, etc., it's the same URL. The scripts just set the URL to be viewable temporarily.

    Re. players - it's just a matter of what you need a player to do. Does it need to be mobile responsive? Have multiple skinning & control options? S3FlowShield may be another you want to look at. The functions of creating expiring links and providing a video player don't necessarily have to be in the same software. Wordpress, if you're using that, has a built-in video player that may be good enough to suit your purposes, provided you can create the expiring links.

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