Where would be best to advertise my site?

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Hey Guys,

I have a site. I am getting an al-right amount of traffic to my site from my YouTube videos and Google (SEO) but I am thinking that it really is time to try some paid advertising!

I don't really have a whole lot of time to learn multiple sites and how they work, so if you were to suggest the best paid advertising for my WordPress related site you could think of, what would it be?

I really appreciate ANY and all responses!

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    I would suggest you to try banner advertising on Wordpress niche related blogs.

    - Nizam
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      Yes banners work relly well if you do this right you need to put them on right website so you have good targeting than you can get the beast out of that.
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    I am going to suggest solo ads. Contact some different vendors and see if they will run your ad.

    There are certainly good solo providers on this forum.

    You could also try udimi.com I say that because I am having good luck building my list with solo providers there.

    You can also try the site below:

    50 Best Solo Ads Vendors

    I am becoming more and more of a believer in solo ads.

    Maybe this helps

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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    Unless you actually sell a product or make a lot of revenue from advertising I would suggest cheap methods if you want to pay for advertising.

    There is a lot of training out there on how to get cheap clicks from both bing, and facebook.

    Although solo ads are a good source, that type of traffic or solo list will be very hard to find because most lists are built off of the big three (health, wealth and love). In addition to the rareness, solo clicks can be very expensive and by the time you finally have a conversion you're going to have spent a lot of money.

    You could also consider trying PPV networks which provide absolute dirt cheap traffic but harder to convert traffic.

    I hope that helps.
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      Yes you are right im to suggesting cheap traffic or advertising methods on the beggini when you are starting specialy if you dont have a loot of $ to invest into it you start low and scale up later chep traffic sources are bannera check buysellads.com
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    Mate if your having success with YouTube then use YouTube.

    Same with Google, You already have your keywords from your seo efforts so roll them into a PPC account, have a crack and do some testing.

    Better the devil you know as they say.

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    you can try banner ads,ppc or youtube video ads it can work relly well for you i was using those merhods and drive a loot of good qualty traffic...
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    You should defiantly create a targeted ad on facebook!
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