Best practices for Reddit ads?

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Hi there, I am using Reddit ads over the weekend for my landing page for a brand of Front Pocket Wallets (Axess - Front Pocket Wallets). I followed a Shopify blog post about how to set it up (use a picture of yourself, do it in a peope-people fashion, etc).

My ad was a thumbnail pic of myself and the text read something like: "My name is Tomas. I've spent the past two years perfecting a new design of RFID-blocking front pocket wallets to give you an alternative to your bulky billfold. Sitting on your wallet squeezes your nerves and creates an imbalance in your foundation. Sign up now for early notification when I launch". Which led to around 70 clicks over 3 days with 1 day left and I spent $20 out of $30 total.

Have you used Reddit ads? What are some of the best practices you found in doing so?
My best advice after using it once is that the subreddit you choose will affect conversion rates a lot. Other than that I think it was a pretty good and cheap way to get the word out which led to a few conversions with a small budget.
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    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with Reddit Ads as well, both success and failures (you usually learn a lot more from failure stories).

    But for the OP here is a thread talking a little bit about Reddit Ads with a link to a really good youtube video talking about them:
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    I have used Reddit Ads. Spent about $50 on a campaign. I didn't get much relevant traffic out of it. Very few clicks with high bounce rate. Those $50 would have better be spent on facebook ads.
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    Reddit is a beast to sell to since the profile of the typical user is so narrow (you really need to hit the nail on the head there). One might define the core as pretentious hipsters. They are educated. They don't like to be sold to.

    The writer of that article sells beef jerky of the month. It doesn't surprise me that Reddit bought that.

    But also bear in mind that the writer has a gooroo blog and newsletter. So there's going to be a certain level of gooroo hype.
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      I too would like to hear more about reddit success and failures.

      You can't even look at the demographics on quantcast.

      Unless you plan on perfecting reddit + affiliate advertising to create a WSO I'd lean more towards staying away from it if I was you.
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    That Shopify article is great, it motivated me to give a try on Reddit ads, but I'm not sure if that will work. There's only a few niches that Reddit ads might work, and even then it's a hit or miss kind of thing.

    The best option for Reddit, IMO, is to advertise a blog post/webpage that contains ACTUAL and USEFUL information. As DubDubDubDot stated, redditors don't like being sold to, so it's best to offer them some quality information and expect them to like what you're trying to promote.
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      I agree that Reddit can be very elusive - a simple comment in a post can quickly generate more clicks than an entire weekend worth of advertising. And Redditors can become quite nasty if you spam links in obvious linkbait-ways. I think a good tip is to try to think like a user and be respectful to the community. It can be very powerful if used in smart ways, eg. ask open questions, utilize the community, listen to people.

      Also - tailor each ad or post to the subreddit; for instance to the subreddit minimalism you could start with the word "Minimalist.. [whatever you are selling]" in an ad or post, and in the subreddit fashion, you could instead say "Fashionable .."

      Anyway I think that shopify blog post is a good place to start,
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