Best Times & Days During The Week For VSL Conv?

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I was wondering what have you seen for best times during the day and week if you were buying traffic to your video sales letters in terms of conversions?

I've only tested weekends and nights but was just curious...

I've had friends who said to test during the day bc at night during the week the viewer might be too tired to watch...

I though that was interesting so I figured why not ask to see what anyone else has seen.
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    It depends on your target market. The only way to know for your specific circumstances is to test.
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    Thursday at 8:22AM Eastern.

    Like Brent said there is nobody who can answer this question for you but the market you're selling to.

    For example, if it's at home moms, then you might see your sales coming in in the late AM after the kids are at school.

    If it's business execs, then you might bang out sales in the late PM hours.

    If it's small business owners you might see most of your action on Sunday.

    You just have to send targeted traffic and watch your conversions to figure this one out.

    Good luck.

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      I find it interesting that this has yet to be brought up. Time is relative. I personally operate under a UTC time frame. here I am at 3am est -5 UTC working my social and ad spend in the Australian market interests I have ( they are +11 UTC so 4pm Monday ) and at the same time now looking at trends and interests in the EU ( 8 in the morning in UK ).

      If anyone were to say that 1pm is the BEST time of the day.. well that happens 24 times a day around the globe. So the question then becomes; How stretched across time zones is your target audience?

      If I had to, I could actually show you some data that suggests that the time frame of 4pm to 7pm is "Optimal" for online advertising, and that 1am to 3am would be the next best... but 1/2 to 1/3 the traffic. I make these better than assumptions based on MANY studies that show clicks vs orders, and these time frames are when orders exceed clicks.

      If you look at the states in particular, there is a 4 hour time difference across the country. 4pm happens 4 times... 7pm happens 4 times. so living on the east coast, my optimal target period is no longer 4 to 7pm as it is 4 to 11pm. - and this is only true if my target is Continental US based customers only.

      If you then take this understanding a bit further and you look at say facebook, and then try to understand a post's reach. You can quickly imagine that there is a HUGE possibility that your reach is cut into fourths, based on the time you drop that piece of content.

      I will say this now, and you WILL notice it later. people that understand this will post the exact same content not once, but twice and in some cases 3 times in a day. and NOW you know why.
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    Night-time infomercials convert pretty well because people who watch them are generally tired. Tired people make different decisions and are more likely to just follow their emotions and impulses.

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