How can I find out whats hot in IM?

by Gee S
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to know how I can find out whats hot in Internet Marketing?

Are there any websites etc which I could follow?

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    My best bet is high gravity(grav) ClickBank products.

    They are products that generate considerable income for affiliates promoting it.

    My 2 cents.

    Coming from a 21-day IM newbie.
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    You should checkout the WSO Forum for that purpose. It's a great research tool tool see what's selling; and this forum is a great place to see what your target audience is talking about.

    Really it's right there in front of you.

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    Thanks guys, i'll definately consdier the WSO forum. Are there any websites anyone uses?
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    Hey there, you can try using Google Trends,Yahoo groups, WF etc to get a fair idea of what's currently in demand.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeh thats what I'm after. By narrowing down to whats hot on can concentrate my efforts on product creation. This is the route I want to go down, I think for now I'll look at the WSO forum, and look for whats in demand.
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