Accepted into eBay Partner Network - but not eBay US?

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Hello Everyone,

I applied for the eBay Partner Network yesterday afternoon and woke up this morning to find the acceptance email in my inbox: hooray! Such a fast response: great news.

However... when I tried to build links, I discovered that while most of the eBay 'programs' had accepted my site, eBay US (the one I really need to target given the way my website is designed) had not accepted me. (Neither had eBay IT, but I can live without that.)

Does anyone know why this might happen? To be accepted by pretty much all programs except the main eBay US one?

What can I do to remedy it?

Does being located in Singapore have anything to do with it?
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    How about asking eBay?
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      I have, but it's after 10 o'clock at night in Mesa, and I'm an impatient guy! :0) (and I have a feeling they won't reply quickly or get into a debate with me on why I got rejected from that particular program... understandably, as they must get hundreds of emails challenging their decisions every day...)

      I just wanted to put this question up in case other people had experienced something similar.
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