Selling with a shark, need your opinions guys

by westen
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Guys, I`ve convinced a +1 MILLION pages views/Mo website to sell my 200 page course for 50% commission, it`s great but I still have a couple of problems:

A-This website has 5-7 books/courses that sell quite well leaving me a very small place to stand out

B-It`s not easy to use pop ups on such website since it a CSS kinda website not a wordpress blog which holds me back when trying to use something like pop up domination or other widgets or pop ups that persuades visitors to hit my course

C- I can`t pay commissions to other websites to help me sell as I`m already giving away half of my selling price to the guy who owns this site


Before answering my question, please brainstorm as much as you can, you`re really doing me a favor by answering this ( THANK YOU in advance).

So here`s my simple, single question

How to make this course sell BIG??????????

Thanks for your time

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