so if i put together an ebook of juice recipes

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and advertise it in the right way...

i could end up having a little gold mine?

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    Maybe . . . maybe not.

    Recipes are often hard to monetize because most are so freely available online.

    The key will be to offer something unique, valuable, and compelling to a rabid audience.

    The best to you,


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    Originally Posted by Bruich76 View Post

    i could end up having a little gold mine?

    Why do you think that ^?
    Type in "juice recipes" to Google, there seems to
    be a plethora of sites offering free recipes.
    How would your eBook be different, whats your hook?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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      Like they have said above. There needs to be some kind of hook that makes them want to buy from you. You could also niche it maybe even further, ie, a certain target market, etc.

      With that said, another way to go is to offer this book as a free gift in order to build your list. That way, you can have an asset that enables you to sell to.

      I hope any of this is some kind of help.

      Have a great day!

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  • To echo what others have said, I think it'd be difficult to turn a profit on just a generic "juice recipes" ebook since so many are available free online.

    There is opportunity if you make niche specific juice recipes though. Like "juice recipes to relieve stress" or "juice recipes to boost metabolism" or other niche specific things like that.
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    I thought about doing this, but I only have one good recipe that I follow everyday and it changes based on what ingredients I have available. As others have mentioned, it would probably good if you had juices for specific things.

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    I agree with the above comments regaurding your question (not written as a question) and I think that there are so many recipies of all types available for free it is hard to make money from them. When you purchase a juicer you will get a juice recipie book plus the internet is full of recipies.

    Try to think of something that is unique / different that will appeal to folks.
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