Private Label Debt Settlement

by Sapeur
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Is private label debt settlement a thing of the past? I've searched and searched and haven't come across any legitimate-looking companies.

Interested in building a debt management company; mainly dealing with debt settlement, debt negotiation and credit repair, but trying to automate as much as possible.
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    PLR is not automation, and if you plan on using it as is, then it is a poor substitute for valuable information


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    I'd think that automating anything like credit repair, debt settlement etc wouldn't work very well....maybe that's just me.

    Automating customer focused tasks rarely works well, even when you're using Zendesk or some other significant software-

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    Debt settlement? These people do not have any money left to spend! Maybe better candidates for bankruptcy. Sell to attorneys.

    Start with debt settlement and end with Bk attorney.
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    search for debt settlement franchise opportunities . I spotted a few that look like they might have white label services at first glance.
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