Any experiences with Udemy traffic?

by Dabook
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So I recently created an eCourse and decided I should sell it on Udemy. Anyone have any experience with udemy at all, and the traffic that comes from the site alone, without marketing? Thanks Everyone
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    My understanding was that you won't get much organic traffic from within the site until your course ranks highly in Udemy's "search" algorithm.

    Meaning you have to self promote until your course starts becoming popular (i.e. reviews and enrollment).

    Just what I read somewhere, but I'd love to hear from anyone with first hand experience.

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    Follow Alun Hill <<== an instructor on Udemy that's got a course named something like "How I make $4,000 a week on Udemy without any marketing."

    The course is awesome and his strategies are on point.

    Best of luck!


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    Give 100% free coupons. Ask sites that are promoting 100% free coupons to add your course.

    Get some reviews and students involved. Then rank up in the udemy. Make money. Start another course to your existing studs.
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    Here are my thoughts
    1. Give out free coupons
    2. Buy quality reviews from Fiverr or SEO Clerk. Do your due diligence before buying. You can just go for 50 reviews
    3. Do a press release for your product
    4. Follow other instructors in the same niche as yours, you might get some spill overs from them though I can't guarantee that)
    5. Social Networking sites are your friend, use them to your own advantage.
    6. Give values in your course.

    I think with the points I mentioned above, you should start seeing results.

    Hope that helps

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    i like them there pretty great i sell there all the time
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      I don't believe there's a wealth of opportunity in organic traffic on udemy unless you work well with the search alogrthym as mentioned and I think the degree of external promotion done by those who are selling by the dozen is vast and is achieved by people who have established lists or websites on a specific topic.
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    Give other instructores coupon codes to send to their studnets, and also give to your students coupon code from other instructors.
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      Originally Posted by shim333 View Post

      Give other instructores coupon codes to send to their studnets, and also give to your students coupon code from other instructors.
      Please stop reviving old threads just to pimp your sig.....
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    Not a lot of traffic my fine one. Just look at skill feed, last month it went belly up. That is the case with most e-learning companies. Hey, I should know as I use to work for one. Sad to say, people do not like to spend money on learning unless it translates into earning. Best bet is to put your mini courses on different video services. You tube is number one. It is a great place for your courses. Also, you can earn money. After all, becoming a you tube partner is easy. This will drive traffic to your site as well as getting you money. Remember that students are poor.
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