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Hey guys, I want to test out a an advertising network called BuySellAds, but can't find any recent reviews for them. To put It shortly, they connect authority blogs and websites to possible advertisers allowing them an easy means to buy ad space on those sites. I really want to see how this could be scaled up, but don't want to do it without hearing of the results from past or current users. Thanks in advanced.
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    Buysellads is one of the reliable and renowned ad serving platform. Many Webmasters and blogger make money with them by selling ad spaces on their site. But getting approval from Buysellads is not an easy task. You have to work hard.
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      Thanks for the feedback, but from an advertising standpoint, has anyone had significant success and/or what were your statistical results?
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    I have heard good things about BuSellAds. You just have to make sure you are targeting right audience by selecting right blogs. Make sure to advertise on your related niches.
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      Thanks but how will one know the quality of traffic these sites provide?
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    Make sure to do your research on the blogs first. A quick Alexa search can give you an idea where most of the traffic comes from.

    Then ofocurse you need to promote an offer that is super relavant to the blog you plan to promote on. You need to find out exactly why people visit the blog, and then create your banner accordingly.

    Let me give you an example of an advertising method i used in the past:
    -> I promoted an seo service
    -> I bought ad space on a site where people check seo stats that got about 4 million impressions, and the cost was only $400.
    -> The banner was placed where people could check their seo stats saying something like "Want to improve your Seo stats - Click here"

    Result: Got about 4000+ clicks in 30 days (which means less than 10 cent per click) and a 400% ROI.

    So yeah if you do your research, find a banner spot that isn't way overpriced (be careful there are plenty of those too), and you can see very good results.
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    BuySellAds works fine but you are buying ad spaces on blogs, the info provided by BuysellAds doesn't really tell u much about it or if it worth the asking price.

    You will need to do your own homework on the blog and make sure you know where the ad is going to be placed on their website
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    I have used them in the past, results were not satisfying - got few clicks and 0 sales.
    Money spent on advertising was about $200
    But I believe if done properly could make profits.
    So if you're into it, I'd advice you check the website traffic via external tools, see demographics and geographic data to come up with the best offer for them.
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