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Hey everyone...

over the years i've made a whole bunch of hip hop instrumentals. i know there is a big demand for this, because there are so many aspiring rappers. I have several friends who have made money selling their beats online anywhere between 50$ to $400 a beat but they had it easy because they had a name and they were selling their name more than their beats.

has anyone ever had success coming out of nowhere and marketing their music this way? as a product rather than "art" if you will.

any tips or suggestions?

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    I have done well selling music packaged for video editors, etc. You could easily build a nice audience of people here who need lots of music for their video projects. Have you tried a WSO? Might be perfect for you.
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      thanks brad. you're right, i should be thinking outside the box. there's probably a huge market in liscencing.

      do you have a specific wso in mind?
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    I remember a post a long time ago from a Warrior who sold beats.

    I couldn't find the thread but a search of Google ("selling beats make money online") turned up a lot of good resources and articles.

    Top 7 Tips On How To Sell Beats Online Successfully | MBF

    Top 10 ways to make money Selling Beats Online | Sell your Beats now

    How to Sell Beats Online ( Beginners Guide to Selling Beats )

    I also seem to recall a WSO specific to selling beats and music clips but it was long ago and I can't remember the seller or the product.
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    has anyone ever had success coming out of nowhere and marketing their music this way? as a product rather than "art" if you will.

    Well, yes!

    Note: As soon as you package "art" for sale, it becomes a "product".

    In order to be successful in selling a product, your skills need to expand beyond just being able to make beats. You already eluded to the fact that your friends "had it easy because they had a name and they were selling their name more than their beats" However I assume they also did not start out already having a name, and most likely they had to learn from scratch how to hustle, network with others, promote and market themselves offline/online, and learning from those who successfully are doing what they wanted to do.

    any tips or suggestions?
    When all is said and done, your success in this or any other venture will come down to being able to start and run a business, whether you are selling music or any other type of product. Doing this by yourself (while also creating the beats) is not everyone's cup of tea, as it takes up quite a chunk of time, energy and in most cases a budget in order to run and grow the business part of it.

    Take away: ---> Some of the best beats, songs, and other art will never be heard or seen by the world because of the creator not having the business/marketing savvy (connections, etc) to take it to the next level. If you are going to do this yourself, then learn (read, watch videos etc) all you can about successfully starting and running a business, (you are in the right forum if you want to learn online marketing skills) and then go do it.

    Good luck!
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    i agree with Brad. Run a WSO for some sort of package deal
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    Personally I'd work on selling beats part time only if you're passionate about it but forget about making a WSO. The ones that sell big are selling a dream to nubs, not selling beats.

    Check on clickbank, they have a couple of amazing beat creation offers that pay out reeeal nice. If I remember right they even rebill monthly.

    You're very knowledgeable in the field, maybe even an expert?.. so buy traffic and start building a list.

    You can teach up and coming beat makers how you make beats step by step with screen cap video tutorials, you can eventually pitch them the CB offer(s) and also there's got to be affiliate programs for high end DJ equipment. I know some turntables cost like 10gs my friend has some like that. Also speakers, best laptop for DJing etc... there's lots of potential for high affiliate commissions.
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    If you know about IMWITHJAMIE or Jamie Lewis....he is an internet marketer that sold a crap load of his own hip hop beats when google adwords was super cheap. Look him up. He made a killing with affiliates promoting his beat365 website.

    Remember, affiliates want to see the numbers...$$$
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