Do you promote you affiliate website with paid methods?

by kuku
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Do you promote you affiliate website with paid methods?

If so - which one single method works best for you?
That would include online anddddd offline methods which I'm sure some of you do!
Search engines, social networks, flyers, affiliate programs..

I for one mainly use PPC.
I find intent-based advertisement to be the most effective.
I'm doing other methods such as PPV recently which does not work for me.... yet!
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    Well I'd say it depends in what niche it's in, but basically having a list is what makes it quite easy to send traffic anywhere you want. Also I have dabbled in bing advertising I need to look into landingpages for it.
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    I actually drive FREE traffic to my affiliate websites. Mainly Clickbank review sites. I do this in many ways. The free traffic I get come from:

    • YouTube
    • Google

    I do no SEO whatsoever nor do I use PPC to drive traffic to my site. I do this entirely for free and manage to make 2-5 sales a day on average.

    YouTube: With YouTube, I simply make a product review of the CB product with an inside look. I give some sneak peak of the product so that viewers are more enticed to buy it. I then send them to the affiliate site where they are met with the full written review. Within 5 seconds, a high quality pop up ad appears with a squeeze page where they put their name and email for more products, free gifts etc. I get around 500 views a day and make 2-5 sales instantly while over 100 people join my email list. It's an easy way to make money while also building your list.

    Google: This method requires NO SEO or any technical experience. What this method does is simply make you do a quick Google search for the product while adding other relevant keywords such as:
    • "Product name" review
    • The "Product name" review
    • Free "Product name" review
    • And so on...

    After typing these on Google, I am met with some results but what I do next INCREASES user engagement and gets clicks to my affiliate review site. When you get the search results, what you want to do next is get the results from the last 24 hours. When you do this, you are met with results using these keywords within the last 24 hours. These sites may include forum questions, Yahoo answers etc. Simply go on the sites and answer them accordingly while linking them back to the affiliate review site.

    Do this a couple of times and you should start seeing results.

    Good luck.
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      I do promote using paid traffic depending on the offer. I do not promote my site but create a specific landing page for a particular offer that I am promoting.

      That way I am able to make sure that the lead is focused on only the offer at hand.

      As a rule I use paid traffic for affiliate promotions that paid $100 + in commission per sale. That way and using ultra targeted buyer intention keywords I am able to have a positive ROI.
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    I use facebook ads - I don't suggest it if you don't afford to lose some money on testing before finding a winner.
    Also, beware of their TOS, they may ban your account without notice.
    Always try to make a LP as a caution and for gathering leads, don't direct link your offers.
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    Originally Posted by kuku View Post

    Do you promote you affiliate website with paid methods?
    I almost exclusively sell as an affiliate and very nearly 100% of my traffic is paid traffic.

    My favorite is facebook.

    I drive paid facebook traffic to a lead capture page to build a list (using the website conversions ad type). That way I can use the autoresponder to sell LOTS of stuff over time (relevant to the market of course).

    Stop trying and start DOING

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    If i use facebook ads to promote my website (product reviews & interesting contents) that has affiliate links (amazon) in it.

    Dose it broke the TOS ?

    Information on prevention, symptoms, tests, treatment, and management of diseases and conditions. Medical Article

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    Product review videos of about 2 to 3 minutes, sent out to about 30+ social sites, including Youtube, with the description spun gets pretty strong ranking fast - especially with strong keyword research.
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    I am presently beginning to test some banner advertising with BuySellAds. My results have been mixed I must say but what a look.

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    @SanjeevM That's a huge list - will take weeks to digest it haha

    The social and discussion forums ideas sound good
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    Im sure a lot of people that sometimes it works most of the time its hit and miss, If I were going to pay to promote a website its going to be with my own product, thats where the money is, )
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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    I think the paid method is used for email marketing only. Other than that, I don't think SEO stuffs should be a something we have to pay for long term
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    I am presently beginning to test some banner advertising with BuySellAds.
    I've done a lot of testing through BSA. For non-MMO niches they have some good placements.

    When you get into MMO sites they represent, you are asking for a lot of fake clicks and impressions. I've had site owners repeatedly click my ad, (all on my analytics) and create hundreds of "twitter" clicks in BSA stats, with zero site visitors.

    Individual mileage may vary...
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      You can use free methods, posting/blogging, Guest post on other blog, Upload funny videos in youtube make sure the link of your site is in the description of the video, etc.

      and the paid method, I bought some traffic on website like Fiverr, and, they all worked well to me.
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    I always use SEO and youtube promotion for selling affiliate products as they can give best sales for me. Promoting on social network sites also lead to sales if we had large fan base.
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