What's your favorite Jay Abraham product or seminar?

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On the old warrior forum board, I saw many of his products discussed (Mr X, his book Getting Everything You Can, etc).

What's your favorite product or seminar of his? What did you get the most value out of?

I recently got his 6 week course, How to get from where you are to where you want to be. Man, should have got it much earlier. Jay has a tendency to ramble on, use big words, etc. From what I've listened to so far, it's super clear and concise.

I would categorize his books (Mr X and Getting Everything You Can) as more buffett style, pick what you want. This course is more of a coaching program and walks you through what to do step by step. I think some others said (on the old board) it was his best product, I would have to agree.

Other products of his I've listened to...

PEQ - With Chet Holmes. Mostly for medium sized businesses. Although I think you can still get ideas if you're a 1 man operation.

Mastermind marketing - His 6 CD or tape course. Somewhat disorganized and a little confusing. Somewhat redundant in the first few sessions. Still a great course, but you get spoiled with his other ones.

FYMEO - A huge course he sold, 2,000 or 2,500 pages. I haven't gone through every line, or page, but there are many gems you'll want to go back to. Great reference course.

Any other really good ones? Protege? Or some of his European or Aussie ones? Dec 2002 Mastermind? I've heard great things about it.

Also his Internet Super Summit (in a yellow case) I'm curious about. I think it was his only internet focused seminar. In 2000? 2001? And he had a bunch of other speakers there (Corey Rudl, etc).
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    I just re-read some of his "Getting Everything You Can" yesterday.

    Funny how much you can pick up that you forgot about the 2nd time.

    I thought the most interesting stuff in there was the info about positioning your guarantee.

    Basically his thought process is to give the most aggressive guarantee possible: Guarantee very specific results, increase the expiration of the guarantee as far into the future as possible, and he even mentions the ultimate risk reversal: the offer to pay your customer cash on top of the refund if s/he requests one.

    Also excellent stuff about being a friend & advisor to your customers and prospects.

    Awesome book. Even better the second time.
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