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I would like to publish a e-book about fitness and to be sold in clickbank. I plan to hire a freelancer to do the writing and content. However, most of the e-book include testimonials, just curious, is tat the testimonials from other e-books are real or fake one? How could it possible to get so many testimonials but the e-book is just published?
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    The thing with testimonials is that you need some people to try your product or service first, before you launch it to the public. In this case with your fitness e-book you can ask for a picture before and after using your information and then that person will write something true that entice people to know more about your product or better, want to get it.

    You'll lose credibility if you don't do it in a reliable way, because people are getting smart and don't want to feel scammed with false testimonials.

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      If the quality of your ebook is very high, and the information you give actually works and helps people, you will have no trouble getting testimonials. Of course you should ask for them, and make it easy for people to comment . . . but it's when you send out garbage and fluff that it becomes almost impossible to get truthful testimonials.

      The highest quality testimonials are those from people who share honest and real results because they have actually done what was suggested in the ebook. Purchasing or trading goods for testimonials always leaves the consumer wondering the reason for the testimonial . . . was it the incentive or was it the results that were experienced?


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    You want to have real testimonials on your site. The sad part about a lot of products out there is that most of the testimonials that they have are all fake.

    Once you get real testimonials from real people, try to add their photo if they will allow you to. This can increase your conversions.
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    I write tons of ebooks. Here's my tip: Give review copies to people who will actually IMPLEMENT your techniques. If the techniques work, they'd be GLAD to write testimonials for you.
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    give it to some people have them read over and then get some reveiws
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    Authors give out free copies to authorities before publish dates, and then when the book goes live all the testimonials are lined up.

    All the folks I hang with have true, honest endorsements. But I hang with good peeps

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    Unfortunately, there are ways that you can buy testimonials and things like that...but morally that doesn't feel right to me.

    What you need to do if you want to get some testimonials is create the ebook (make sure it is high quality obviously) and offer to give the eBook away to a select few people. You can actually do that entire thing on this forum. There's a ton of people willing to read your book and give you an honest review.

    Why not throw up a classified ad here on the forum in the classified Ad section, give it a nice catchy title and let people know the next 10 people who want a review copy you will offer it to them. Putting up a classified ad also isn't free but may prove to be worth it in your case with what you want to do,

    Hope that helps.
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    You need to give away free review copies of your product prior to actually launching it.
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    Who do you give your ebook out to for review if you have no list? Surely it's only relevant if its being given to clients / customers that actually want to use the product?
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    All good tips has been said on this thread. Launch a FREE REVIEW copies and give it to people who you know can use and benefit with your ebook. If you are confident enough that your ebook will gain the approval or these testers, testimonials will naturally offered to you.

    The main thing still fall on the quality of content you will provide on the ebook.
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