already 5 months daily page view only 30

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is it a failure?
despite promoting via social medias etc...

I check the page view is under google adsense..

but under the site ...Counter

roughly 300 vistors ...per day
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    So are you getting 30 visitors per day or 300?

    Either way, how exactly are you promoting your site through social media?

    If you building a list or just sending them straight to your website?
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    promote it in your target niche
    write articles and post them to reddit in your target niche
    make youtube vids about it
    go to all-in-one:traffic thread
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    If it's 300 per day that's nothing to sneeze at.... Depends on how you are monetizing the site but I have 1/3 the traffic that you have on some sites and earned quite a nice income.
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    extract your audience from a blog that has a larger audience via guest posts
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