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It is my hope that these tips will help those members who have already
joined the War Room. And for those who haven't, you are missing out on a
million dollar education for peanuts.

I have just gone through much of the War Room...a massive task. I've
tried to approach it as somebody looking for information so that I can
get into the mindset of somebody who is looking for something to help
them with their business.

The biggest problem I see is where to start. I didn't bother counting the
threads but there are hundreds if not thousands. The place is huge.

Because of this, it can be a daunting task to try to figure out where to
start. Therefore, I am offering some suggestions that I hope will make it
easier for you.

1. Have A Goal In Mind - Before you even go in there, sit down and
write out what it is you want to learn, whether it's SEO, Adwords, Article
Writing or whatever. If you do this, many of the threads you will find will
not fit your criteria and you can skip them...for now.

2. Check Out The Thread Starter - Who started the thread? Does the
poster have a history here and elsewhere? Even though I know the War
Room is moderated, there is no way they can go through every product
to check to make sure it's rock solid.

Having said that, go to page 9 (the last page currently) and start going
through the threads started by Admin. These are Allen Says' gems and
worth the price of membership alone. I have gone through some of them
and had to stop when my head started to spin from the massive amounts
of info...which brings me to tip 3.

3. Make A Schedule - You can get lost in the War Room. Trust me, I
just did. So make a schedule. Allow yourself a certain amount of time
daily, weekly or whatever and stick to it. Use an egg timer if you have to.
Once the timer goes off, get out and get back to your regular work. All
the learning in the world is meaningless without taking action. If all you're
doing is learning, you're not doing and that means you're not making money.

Naturally, if you're just starting and have nothing to work on (no
business plan yet) then you will probably want to spend more time there.

But still, only allow a certain number of hours and give yourself some time
during the day to put something into operation.

For example, if you're wanting to learn HTML or web design, you can
easily start on your site after just a few hours of reading. No reason why
you have to become an HTML expert before you start the actual process.

4. Bookmark Threads You've Gone To - If you've gone to a thread and
it happens to be a long one and you don't get through every report or
download, bookmark it so that you know to come back to it. With all the
threads being added, the thread you're working on might not be on page 1
when you come back.

5. Check The Thread Dates - This won't be true all the time, but since
info changes so much online, threads started a year ago may not be as
relevant as ones started last week. That doesn't mean you don't check
out old threads but be more selective about your topics.

For example, if you find a thread that says something like...

"Brand New Adwords Tactics"

And it's from June of last year, because Adwords promotion changes so
much, these tactics may not be as up to date. Check the poster to see
if they have a more updated thread.

Some things will be time sensitive, some will not. Use your judgment here.

Now, one tip for those posting in the War Room, and this is only my

The people going through the War Room have already paid their money,
so there is no need to try to entice them with some catchy or mysterious
headline. If somebody is looking for traffic generation techniques, why not
just say in your thread title...

3 Killer Traffic Generation Techniques At No Cost

Or whatever. Just make it obvious what the thread is about. This way,
members don't have to click into the thread to try to figure out what
you're sharing because you have some mysterious title. I have seen plenty
there where I have no idea what the thread is about. With so many to go
through and only so much time, I just don't have the luxury of clicking on...

"My Free Report"

Just to find out that it's on an area I have no interest in.

"My Free Report On Freelancing Strategies" is much better.

For $37, there are just no words to describe the value. But make sure
you have a plan before you go in there or your time could end up being
wasted or at the very least, not utilized as much as possible.

Anyway, hope these tips help.
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    Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

    I didn't bother counting the
    threads but there are hundreds if not thousands.
    There are only 553 threads in there...
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    Great tips, Steven - especially about limiting the time you spend in there. I've had to temporarily ban myself from going in there because I get excited and take on way too many projects because of the great info there!

    Now I only allow myself access when I'm not currently immersed in a project. Once the current project is complete (or at least just needs routine maintenance from here on out), THEN I can go in there and start something new.

    It's hard though - that forum is filled with tons of great stuff.

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    Thanks Steven, Good Ideas,

    Also there is a sub fourm there, "My Ideas, Strategies & Plans" found at the top, that is Pure Allen.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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