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I have a friend who is not a well know singer but she has 3 Cd's of Music that she produced very nice.But she needs help selling these any suggestions where to sell?
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    Do you mean physical CDs?

    If she has a bunch of physical CDs she is trying to unload it could be tough. Few people buy CDs these days.

    Or do you just mean a collection of songs and not a physical CD?

    There are a number of sharing/selling sites like iTunes and Soundforge.

    Places like Soundforge and YouTube are good because they also support communities so she can make contacts and connections.
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    They are physical Cd's of her own songs.Thank You
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    Tell her it's good to have physical CD's to use as promotional materials, but she shouldn't be trying to sell physical cd's...people just don't buy them anymore, especially from someone who is not known.

    Tell her to make a website, and start building an email list of people that like her music (she can get people on the list from live events, posting on blogs and forums, etc.) once she gets a large enough list, she can start to promote and sell her digital songs to this list, including some physical cd's, merchandise, etc.
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    I have a friend who is not a well know singer but she has 3 Cd's of Music that she produced very nice.But she needs help selling these any suggestions where to sell?
    Are these CD's home produced and burned on a home computer?
    Or are they professionally recorded and manufactured through a CD manufacturer? Depending on this, there are still many avenues for selling physical product, but the success of this depends also on whether the artist has a significant number of loyal fans/subscribers, followers on social media etc in order to directly market and sell product to.

    Also if the artist is actively performing, then selling CD's (autographed etc) shouldn't be too hard. Surprisingly, many artist go out performing and even though they have fans, never ask for the sale. It's the old, "my music is art" attitude, which never pays the bills. But I digress..

    Please send me a link to her music and bio in a PM.
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    If she is not a shy person, she can just go out and meet people and sell that way. Artists still do that. Yup offline marketing.
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    It's time to get into the new age. Forget CD's..she needs to have her music listed in iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets that sell downloads. Go to your local music store to sell CD's...The world of internet moved past CD's a while ago, lol.
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    Use Bandcamp/Promote on Facebook. You can upload the music to be purchased digitally, with an option to buy a psyical CD. Payments are through Paypal and you keep 100% . You still need to promote...everyone makes music these days. You don't need a studio anymore.
    Forget Itunes. Everyone just wants to say they have music on itunes, but it won't sell and Apple take a cut.
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  • Youtube and other video sharing websites are excellent places to promote your music. You will obviously need to create a video for this which you can either outsource or do it yourself then upload the video with the song and add a link to your cd on amazon, itunes and spotify. and you could also get a share of the ad revenue with the youtube partnership program
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