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Hi folks,

So I have a question - there are quite a lot of plugins out there when it comes to inserting a widget onto your sidebar / after a post to capture opt ins. I've come across blogs that do it, and do it very well (with well designed lead capture forms).

Let me show a few examples

On the sidebar:


Below the post


A graphic website pop up


It's always great when visitors can see pictures of what they're getting...instead of offering them your generic "newsletter"

My only question is, how would I go about getting well-designed opt-ins like these on my sites? Are there any WP plugins you guys use and would recommend?

I'm aware of WP Popup Domination but it requires licenses, so was double checking before purchase.

Thanks Appreciate your input in advance.
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    The one I use is great and he's overhauling it right now. It was called Hybrid Connect. Now he's going to call it Thrive.

    He's set to release it on the 17th (this tuesday). He says it will be even better. You can just Google Hybrid Connect and you'll get a page that says being redone as Thrive. So, check back on Tuesday.

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  • If you have some basic HTML knowledge you can take any opt-in form, pull out its HTML code, then customize it with CSS, add picture etc. and paste it into Text widget.
    If you want to keep subscribers list in your wordpress database, install any opt-in plugin and use it as a donor. Or you can take bare Mailchimp form and do the same.
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    Most of the good popup ones are not free. Pippity is another good one but it also costs money. You can search for "aweber opt-in popup wordpress plugin" and find numerous ones that look good and let you place images..etc. Just expect to pay for it. Trust me, it would be worth the investment!
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    I use premiumlistmagnet.com, you might want to look at it.

    - Nizam
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    Originally Posted by Harry B View Post

    My only question is, how would I go about getting well-designed opt-ins like these on my sites? Are there any WP plugins you guys use and would recommend?
    I build my own and test them as I keep tweaking. Useful for when I release my List Building course

    A lot of high earners are using LeadPages and OptimizePress, but there are other things that could probably deliver similar results. LeadPages pre-populate their fields, which delivers a higher conversion.

    I'd suggest looking on YouTube and type in "product name tutorial" just so that you can see the backend, and feel whether or not it is something you can easily work your way around.

    Some ugly looking pages have converted even better at times, so don't get caught up in the design aspect too much. Keep an eye on your conversions and keep adjusting.

    All the best.
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    If you're looking for professionally designed optin forms/popups go with Optin Monster. Best popup on the market in my opinion.

    OptinMonster - Best WordPress Popup and Lead Generation Plugin
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    I normally just create my own from scratch as I find it easier than trying to modify templates.

    I actually created one today to go at the top of my main content area in my get started page, just need to finish the transparent image to replace the white square and its ready to go.

    Its really easy once you've done it once or twice, this one was written from nothing using html and css only.

    Here it is normally:
    Here it is optimised:

    If you do decide to take this route and get stuck drop me a message, I know how frustrating it can be the first time around
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    I was going to say the same as already mentioned, don't get caught up in the design. Just because one might look good, doesn't mean it will convert well. And I agree, ugly often out performs pretty.
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    Yeah.....Hybrid connect which has now been revamped and called Thrive is good. I actually use this one.

    Another good one is called Optin Designer, but really.....the IM space is overcrowded with good optin plugins which all do a fairly good job and nice aesthetically pleasing optins.
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