WP Plugins to load sites faster?

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Hey guys...

I'm looking for best wordpress free & paid plugins which loads wp sites a lot faster. Any one could recommend would be much appreciated.
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    A lot faster?

    Page loading speed depends on a lot of factors. First of all, it depends on where your servers are and where the users are coming from.

    Second, it depends on the actual speed of your visitors. If they have a 1Mbps connection, then you can't expect them to load the pages very fast.

    If you still think that your pages should load faster - reduce the amount of content on them. The first thing to do is to optimize the images. Make sure that your uploaded images fit perfectly and do not go 'overboard'. There is no sense in uploading a 4000px image and only showing it in 600px on your website - it might seem that it is resized, which it is, but the actual size of the image stays the same. You could also try and remove some widgets/plugins that are putting lots of stuff on pages.

    You don't have images or you don't think that this will work (which it will, you just have to listen to me). Now we can talk about plugins - caching. Caching won't make your website speedy fast the first time someone comes, but your recurring visitors will notice that they are loading your pages quite fast.

    If you want instant results, get an AJAX loading plugin. This will only work if you have a lot of content on your pages and you want to load it section by section. AJAX works best if there are a lot of images to make up for. With AJAX loading, your visitors will only load a portion of your page, and then, when they scroll down far enough, they will start loading the next one. Unless they are scrolling too fast, they won't be able to notice the difference.
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    Check this plugin out for wordpress sites: Cache Plugin for WordPress - WP Rocket
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    The only thing that comes to mind is the cache plugin, already mentioned. But, just installing a plugin will not solve your problem. Like already mentioned, loading speed depends on a lot of factors!
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    As others have mentioned cache plugins are generally what is recommended.
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    Go to gtmetrix.com and check you site speed for free. Then follow the instructions there to make it optimize. Also try to use a CDN(Content Delivery Network) like MaxCDN which is a well-known CDN. Check the timeline in gtmetrix.com and look at the first bar which is related to server. If it takes more than 0.5 seconds then you can look for a better hosting(Clearly they are not cheap). You can see wpengine.com for example.

    If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask here.

    Please don't press the Thank you button if this post isn't helpful.

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    Less plugins = quicker page load

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      If you can reduce the number of plugins that do things like dynamic related posts or webfonts that need to make calls somewhere else, that might help.

      I have found jetpack to be a dog for the most, adding a CDN server can work. If you don't have a CDN then you could try Smush it for your images.

      Forgot video pre-fetching (I think that's what its called)

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    Plugins are one thing, but if you really want to go the extra mile then you need to minimize the amount of files and code that are not even being used on your site.

    WP themes come with so many features and options for customizing. Delete the ones that aren't being used. For instance, a theme might come with a slider option. There's going to php code in your main files, separate javascript files, and separate css files just for this simple function. Deleting stuff like this can really make your site a lot lighter.

    Also removing php lines from your code and hard coding it. You can take a look at your source code and match the lines that contain php in your files and input the actual html instead of the dynamic php being used to output it.

    This stuff has to be manually done, though and can't be done with a plugin.
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      Getting your page to load faster takes a bit of understanding what is going on when the page loads. Code is read from the top of the page to the bottom. The page is going to load in order what lines of code need to be executed.

      things like Google Analytics that most people place in the <head> section of the site, the code can be placed in a the far right footer box, which loads it after the bulk of the page is already loaded.

      IF you have a bunch of custom CSS on your site, that code is listed on each and every page of your site, if it is actually using the code or not. Each and every line of that code is a server pull. if you are to place that code in a "custom css plugin" its calling and processing all those lines at once, and cleaning up your code. at the same time.

      IF you are using a lot of display: none; type CSS commands, you may be better off with a "child theme" and going into the page templates and removing that element from being displayed. display none elements DO load, they simply are not shown.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I hear VPS with SSD improve site loading speed.
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    Rocket WP is very good and also installing WP Smush it can help optimize your images.

    Keeping the number of plugins down will also help. Make sure everything on the site is up to date.
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      Originally Posted by Chris19h View Post

      Rocket WP is very good and also installing WP Smush it can help optimize your images.

      Keeping the number of plugins down will also help. Make sure everything on the site is up to date.
      ^THIS. Use a single caching plugin.


      CloudFlare? You don't need a plugin for CloudFlare. Either use the CloudFlare account directly or enable it through your host. CloudFlare caches static content via DNS, so installing a "plugin" just to use it is a waste of resources. You don't need a plugin for it, CloudFlare will automatically pull & cache static content.

      Other plugins - STOP installing plugins to do simple tasks. Things like Google Analyitcs, social icons etc etc. Take a bit of time and read the documentation on how to implement these types of things. It takes a copy/paste of a few lines of code. If not, hire someone to insert the code for you. Social sharing icons can be added directly to the site via a child theme or into the template you're using vs installing yet another plugin.


      SSD mentioned above - unless your site is hitting disk (slow disks at that - most likely it's hitting a cache of some sort, RAM Cache, RAID cache etc) disk I/O is not going to be where the bottleneck is, so in most cases, SSD is merely a placebo effect. Not all, but most.


      Junk themes - there's lots of "pretty" themes out there, and many of them are bloated with poor coding and other junk. Choose your theme wisely.


      Script & image optimization. Don't rely on yet another plugin to properly optimize your site. Optimize them BEFORE putting them onto your site. Not doing so will cause a plugin, to utilize MORE resources to perform the task. On scripts, try to use a little as possible - combine css, javascript etc.


      There's some good advice in this thread however, don't blindly install plugins just because of hear say. As a web host, that see's the back end of many WordPress sites, I can tell you, plugins are the number 1 culprit when it comes to WordPress performance issues.

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    with one or two plugins like W3 total cache , P3, WordPress plugins for improving performance can help.
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    WP Super Cache is very good. Best is check one by one and choose best for you. And
    Use two or more plugins at once is not good,because for the most part do the same.
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      here is what you do, go to yahoo smushit for your images problem, most themes these days you don't need many images just fancy colours/contrast you only need one maybe 2 main images per keyword max per page and if you already had these on your optimized server/seperate or subdomain just for smushed/optimized images?

      Oh and use cloudflare unless your getting alot of visitors the free account should work for you.

      I only use three plugins none one for optimization, you do realise you can optimize your website via htaccess file also right?

      anyways either way i hope this helps

      OK, so I did it, I finally got over myself.

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    If you want to speed up wordpress site and use heavy resource using plugins such as commerce variety or visual composer your ONLY solution is to go to ridiculously overpriced hosts that specialize in hosting wordpress (and other cms) sites. Like Page.ly.

    You are not going to accomplish it on cheap shared hosting by adding even more plugins.
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    We use QuickCache - the free version is easy to use, very lightweight and quick.

    TinyPNG is another great image compressor (does jpg files as well).

    Choose a theme that does what you need and not much more.

    It's not about how many plugins you have running, it's about what they are doing. I know guys with 50+ plugins who have very fast sites, and people with 5 plugins and dog-s**t load times.

    GTMetrix or Pingdom both have online testing tools that will provide you with a list of issues and the severity/impact of them on your load time. That's the first place you should start.
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  • Your site might be slow do to the fact that there are images on there, that are extremely large in size.
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    There are so many factors for loading a site fast. Installing plugins may even slower your site. My suggestion is use best theme with VPS and more RAM.
    Disable the unwanted plugins and use Cache plugin that will make more faster to your site.
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    Cache plugins are definitely the way to go. You can try downloading this plugin: Wordpress Super Cache
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    Hi, Remove all unnecessary plugins and try some free caching plugin like W3 Super Cache and DB Optimizer and if these doesn't work go with the premium one like wp-rocket.Thanks :-)
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  • I don't know any however if you,

    1) Host images on different service, like Amazon AWS, and embed them into your site, instead of having them hosted with wordpress
    2) Reduce file sizes
    3) Remove un-needed photos, media,etc

    That will make your site load faster

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    Well, according to me, if you use the W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache is the best plugin for wordpress and provide a faster speed than others. All of the user appreciate its services, because of it speed and quicker response. It has integrated with many advanced features, including browser, page, object, and database caching, minify and content delivery network support.
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    If you make a lot of revisions to your pages - typically, your home page. Wordpress stores each revision in the database. You can use a plugin called Revision Control to handle that.

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