Ranking in the top 10 in Google for a product/eBook name - Anyone having success?

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Just wondering if anyone here's making decent money for ranking in the top 10 (Google SERPS) for the name of a product or eBook.

There are usually 4 types of sites I see:

1) Informational site - Description of product and its contents/benefits, picture, and a "Visit Site" or "Read More" link somewhere.

2) Review/Comparison site - Review of the product, or comparison site with other products in the same niche

3) Scam site - Common tactic affiliate marketers use to get people to click. Usually the title of the site would be "Product name - Scam?", or even "Product Name Scam". These sites will usually explain why a product is NOT a scam, or address common misconceptions about a product.

4) Bonus site - Usually a mix of an informational and a review type site, but with an incentive for potential customers to buy. A customer will usually have to email the webmaster for the bonuses mentioned.

Why would you want to rank in the top 10 results for a product name?

I only started to get into this a few days ago, but if you think about it, people never actually FIND a products site by searching its name up on Google (unless a friend told them about it). They usually ONLY search up a products name after coming across the products official website, or hearing about it from another site.

Although product names don't usually get high volumes of searches, the traffic is usually very targeted. Why would you search a products name in Google? You want to see if you can find out more about that product, see what others are saying about, and see if it's legitimate, etc. Basically, you're in that stage where you're actually thinking of buying the product.

By the way, I'm talking about hot products, products that have a high gravity on Clickbank, not just any product. Ranking for a product with low gravity or hardly any searches probably won't be worthwhile, but then again, it probably won't be too hard either, lol.

Ok, now with all that out of the way, I'd like to ask you:

Are you personally having much success ranking for a product/eBooks name? Which types of sites do you create? Which have you found most effective?

I'm ranking #1 for a product name myself and it's working out pretty well - 1 sale / day at about $33 per sale? My site is really simple though, not a review or a "product name scam" kind of site. No bonuses either. It just has a short description of the ebook, the benefits, a picture of the eBook, and an enticing "Read More" type of link at the end.

I'd also really love to hear some opinions from those who are ranking for the names of internet marketing product names as I'm thinking of getting into that myself, but not too sure what would work best. I'm thinking it's probably a good bonus that will usually see the sales. Who knows.

Hopefully we can all learn from each other.
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