where do marketers get their free products

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Just about every launch is accompanied by free products I was watching the Keyword Ignition launch and Han Tan the internet man had about 25 free software products.My question is where can you get these free products to use for launches or bonuses for your product.

Regards PeterB206
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  • If your planning to launch a new product then it's a good idea to make your own free product rather than someone else's free product. Something unique and is similar to the product your trying to sell as this will get more people signing up to your autoresponder service rather than using someone else's free product.

    Try taking a small segment of your product and turn that into a free product to give away as a teaser.

    As for the bonus products that you can add to your sales page to add more value to your product type in master resale rights or private label rights in google and you will have a list of products you can buy but be sure to read what rights you have before buying

    However in my opinion I would only add about 2 to 3 bonus products to your sales page and make sure there top quality up to date products as adding too many bonus products which are outdated doesn't add value to your product and can actually devalue your product your trying to sell.
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    You can join PLR membership sites where you can find master resell rights and private label rights that you can give away. Try looking at places like Tradebit, idPLR, etc
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    Most of the "free products" are nothing more than crap old PLR products... Just Google PLR mem sites and the like...
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    Marketers will give you there product as a bonus for your product increasing the value. They do this so they can build a buyes list as your buyers would have to opt in to their list to recieve the bonus.
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  • The best is to use your own NOT a PLR but that is not the case in real life most people don't do that. Good luck.
    soon people... Relax...
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      Hey Peter,
      You can go to PLR sites. One good one I have used in Tiff Lambert's PLR minimart.

      She has quality stuff and you can add and edit and make it your own.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Do NOT just download some free PLR stuff and pawn it off as your own material. Either take the time to seriously edit and customize the PLR material using it as a guide or make your own entirely.

    Honestly, your probably better off making your own material anyways.

    I'm in the process of making a free video course. While it takes quite a bit of time, it's going to be extremely valuable to my target audience. The goal is to make it so informative and awesome that people will be begging to work with you after they get it.

    Remember, content is King as long as it's valuable, so don't be looking for the easy way out.
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    Thank you very much guys for your all valuable tips I shall do my best to implement them all.

    Regards PeterB
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    New marketers just give them free PLR.

    Good marketers make a quick pdf from different PLRs.

    Experienced marketers make their own free products.
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    I don't know about getting free products that you then giveaway on your site, that must mean your site is pretty generic!

    You should be aiming to create a brand, a site that stands out, with a free bonus that stands out. I'd recommend creating your own unique free product, or pay a pro to make one for you!
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    If you want low quality products just google them. If you want high quality - make them yourself
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    Usually all those free bonuses are MRR/PLR products. You can buy these products from PLR sites and if you are interested you can refer to this thread http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...-websites.html

    - Nizam
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