Need autoresponder service that doesn't verify

by cultsecrets 5 replies
No, I'm not spamming or anything - I want a legitimate place with good delivery rates that allows for several different autoresponders - I have around 8000 subscribers and I can't afford to have them all opt-in AGAIN, it would kill my business.

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    I think you can try out

    The last time I heard they don't need any verification and some marketers use it to import email lists.
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      I second AutoresponsePlus. Been using it for years & absolutely love it.
      Thirdsphere is a good marketing friendly host to install it on.

      IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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        Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but $200 is a bit much right now.

        I just need a service that costs $20-$30 a month with the criteria listed above.

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    I am having the same problem... I have around 4500 in my lists and don't know how reach them at once..
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  • You'd be hard-pressed to find a service that will allow you to import them without them confirming. Any legitimate company has to protect themselves in that manner.


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