What are some e-based things that people often buy, that you yourself would buy (ebooks, keys, etc)

by zimm
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Any suggestions that you guys might have?
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    May I asked why you want to know and for what for!
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      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      May I asked why you want to know and for what for!
      I work in a company with some guys and we're pretty familiar at building e-commerce platforms (think Amazon but on a smaller scale), but we'd like to get our feet wet in this area and minimize costs as much as possible.

      I think dealing with electronic goods that we can email customers is easiest since we don't have to worry about shipping, warehouses, long waits, etc.

      I once knew of a site that sold gaming codes (like XBOX Live memberships) that was automated, so as soon s someone clicked 'Buy' they received the code instantly. I'm looking to go into something similar but trying to get a list of the best "e-product" (or products) to start with.
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    Hi Z,

    eBooks rock, courses rock. I offer mine through Amazon and Selz, and folks buy 'em. I also know buddies who do nicely with Udemy online courses.

    Honestly, any form of useful content, packaged intelligently, can prosper both you and your audience, if your energy around it is quite clear.

    Onward and upward!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      What about things like apps, games, and other types of software?
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        By the way you guys are awesome so far, love the suggestions! So glad I found his place.

        Originally Posted by dana67 View Post

        What about things like apps, games, and other types of software?
        So far that's the one I'm considering the most (serials for software), since I have a lot of good relationships with developers. Was trying to see what else might be out there (like a niche of some sorts), as software is vague and might make the SEO stuff a bit more difficult.
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  • Ebooks courses are good but video courses are much better and get more people buying as you can stuff your 50 page ebook into just one 10 minute video so there will be a lot more content within a video than an ebook would contain remember everyone's heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must contain hundreds of thousands of words.

    Also software to help people with internet marketing sells just as well sometimes even better than the video courses do

    However an ebook is good at getting visitors to opt into your autoresponder service and if it's unique then it will sell too.

    If however your trying to sell something digital that is non internet marketing then games, music, apps and software are all good digital products to sell online.
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    Myself, I start by buying from reputable people, such as those people that I have been on their list for quite some time.

    I will also buy from others that those people recommend.

    And, after that, I will sometimes buy from people that have a pretty straight forward sales letter. I don't buy alot of the usual hype. I am as sick of hype as anybody else online.

    When I write ads myself, I mix in the facts with my own experience. A certain level of trust needs to be there.

    You will sometimes buy products that turn out to be duds. Don't worry about it. You can usually find some piece of information that is worth something, even in a dud product.

    And.. if not... just don't go back. Look at all of it as a learning experience. That's part of life, online or offline.

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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    I honestly think anything can sell well on the internet. But, I have to agree with everyone else, eBooks are probably first on the list, courses and software (since you say you know some developers, you can use it to your advantage)
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  • The number seller online is information. aslong as your ebooks have the information to solve peoples problem they will buy it
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    Credits for various services / apps / games - It seems when you remove the monetary nature and offer a virtual currency you are much rather to get sales
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